I was lost, overconfident and looking for direction. Bruce’s coaching help me develop a framework for life and work that I continue to use today.
Kevin “Doc” Klein, Consultant, Asheville, NC

A rocking chair is a fine way to relax.

But not so good for going somewhere, and staying there.

It’s structure—framework—limits it to rocking back and forth.

In contrast, bicycles and boats are structured to go where you want to go, and stay there.

The key to creating real and lasting results is taking action within a structure—an organizing framework for action, learning and success—that consistently takes you where you want to go.

“When Bruce first talked about “structure,” I cringed. I didn’t want to force myself into a mold. But, no! He meant a framework to organize my actions so I persisted toward results. Using the “creating structure,” I became a better photographer and am creating myself a focused and rewarding life that supports my art. And I’m getting paid!”

S.D. Jones, Photographer, Victoria, BC


Sadly, many people default to problem solving as their primary (or only!) results-generating framework.

It’s fine for technical and mechanical problems. But fails when applied to open-ended challenges, and human issues, dreams and desires. Then, its structure acts like a rocking chair.

My Life Design Framework is a structure than empowers clients to rise above problem solving, take effective action, and consistently create results that matter.

Driven by vision, and grounded in reality, it focuses on action that moves you from where you are to where you want to be.

Along the way, you will solve problems as steps toward a result—but a clear, compelling vision of that result will drive your action, not the problems.

Taking action in such a framework greatly increases your chances of success.

“Shifting from problem solving to creating was key—personally, artistically, and financially. Bruce’s “life design framework” and excellent personal coaching made it all much easier.”
E.H. Smythe—Writer, Editor, Calgary, AB

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