Coaching for Creating What Matters Most

The Key to My Work

People don’t fail to create the results they most want because they’re lazy, or don’t have enough time, money or energy. They fail because they lack a tried-and-true structure—an organizing framework that energizes and guides their actions toward desired results.

Most life coaches focus on problems — what you don’t like and don’t want.

I help you clarify and envision what you truly care about and then organize your actions to support it.

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Structure Matters

Every action you take happens within an organizing framework — a structure.
If your structure doesn’t guide you toward desired results, you’ll stall or drift.

You can’t create results in an energy-killing “Yeah, but…” structure.
But shift to an “Yes, AND…” creating structure and results come simply, easily.

To create results, first recognize the structural differences between problem-solving and creating.

Problem-solving (except in technical and mechanic issues) is about getting rid of or getting rid of what you don’t like and don’t want. It is often fear driven and ineffective in the long run.

Creating is about bringing into being what you truly DO want. It is desire driven, focused on what you’d love to create and have exist in your life, work, relationships … whatever.

For a deeper dive into the differences between problem solving and creating, and how I help clients shift from merely solving problems to primarily creating desired results, check out the video below.


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