Why Do Some Succeed, While Others Fail?

Most people do not fail for lack of ideas, skills, motivation, time or resources.

They fail because they lack an organizing framework in which to arrange their skill, will, and resources into actions that consistently lead to results.

Likewise, most people are not “overwhelmed” just because they have too much on their mind. They are overwhelmed because they fail to prioritize, organize and act on the most important things on their mind.

In the Life Design Framework overwhelm, mistakes or failure become simply feedback!

Your life design framework got me past my problem-driven reflex. I changed focus. I simplified and reorganized my life and work. And created real success in both—sans stress or tears!

Serenity T., Victoria, BC

How Can Life Design Coaching Help?

Life Design coaching is less about solving problems, and more about creating desired results—with whatever you have to work with.

In the Life Design Framework, you acknowledge problems and issues—but don’t let them drive the action.

Clear, compelling visions of desired results drive your action.

This approach empowers you to accept what life throws at you, focus on what you’d truly love to create, and bring it into being, simply, effectively, and, mostly, enjoyably.

“Other coaching programs I explored were more like counselling. We focused on problems but never got around to consider the future I wanted. With you, we got right to it. I learned new skills. I gained confidence. I reached for more outrageous (for me) results. Coaching was worth every penny. Thank you!”

G.H. Saltz, Calgary, AB
Sun is just beginning to hit a wooded hillside above a lake. In front of the water, marsh grasses are silhouetted. Mist rises off the deciduous forests, forming wispy clouds, in which the round bright shape of the sun is trying to peek through.
Each New Day Is A Chance To Create What Matters Most

I Help You Simplify Reality—And Empower Successful Results

I coach you in setting up an organizing framework in which you can

  • Clarify and envision desired results
  • Objectively assess the current reality of each result
  • Embrace the tension that arises from the gap between vision and reality. 
  • Use that creative tension to energize actions, and move from where you are to where you most want to be
  • Weather setbacks, and stick with your plan —even if motivation fails, and you don’t “feel” like it
  • Celebrate successful results you’ve brought into being.

Through a gently coached, action-learning process, you teach yourself how to create the results you most want in your life, work, relationships … whatever.

“Bruce’s understanding of what it takes to break free from old patterns and move forward surpasses other “coaches” I’ve had. His simple yet practical recipe for both simplicity and success motivates me daily and keeps me on track.”

Lisa Cherry, Writer, Filmmaker, Toronto, ON

Creating The Simplicity On The Other Side Of Complexity

Creating The Life You Long For

By using the Life Design framework, the lawyer in the video gradually reduced her time at the law firm. At the same time, she worked on developing an adventure/challenge program to hels women-in-need build personal competence and authentic confidence.

When the program was up and running, the lawyer quit law and focused, full-time on her women’s challenge program—and has been very successful!

Books by Bruce Elkin

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