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Five books by Bruce Elkin, on a yellow background.

Simplicity and Success

Simplicity and Success, by Bruce Elkin.

“Highly recommended!”

David Heitmiller, Co-author of Getting A Life

“Bruce’s approach is exciting and challenging. And it works.”

Wanda Urbanska, PBS Host for Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska

“Bruce was doing minimalism way before it became popular. And his book describes how to create a simpler life and succeed at what you love.”

David Renton, Blogger, Victoria, BC

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Thrive! Create What Matters—In Challenging Times and Beyond

Thrive! Creating what matters most, by Bruce Elkin.

“Impressive: a life-organizing framework to refocus your life on what matters.”

Dr. Paul Stoltz, Author: Adversity Quotient & The Adversity Challenge

“I use some of Bruce’s tools and can testify to their awesome power.”

Vicki Robin, Million-Selling Coauthor of Your Money Or Your Life

“Thrive! can help you create an adventurous, fulfilling life.”

Sharon Wood, First North American Woman to Summit Mt Everest

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The ABCs of Emotional Mastery: Manage Moods, Build Resilience, Create Results

The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.

“The ABCs is a kind of e-handbook for self-coaching in mood-changing and taking action. It helped me overcome depression and better serve my clients

 F.S. Henderson, Counsellor, Victoria, BC

“Using The ABCs helped me improve relationships and make a simple— minimalist—life work for me as a writer. “

D. Agassi, Writer, Calgary, AB

“A short read, but very helpful for smoothing out emotional swings and increasing results.”

Sandy Belynza, Vancouver, BC

Emotional Mastery: Manage Your Moods and Create Results — With Whatever Life Gives You

Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.

“Emotional mastery helped me see how I was causing my own anxiety and depression and what to do about it.”

David Ruben, Publishing Executive, New York NY

“Using the exercises in this book helped me change my mood from miserable to mostly happy.”

Helen Astikkosh, HR Consultant, Vancouver, BC

Creating Sustainable Success

Creating Sustainable Success, by Bruce Elkin.

“Excellent! Outlines 5 barriers to success — and how to overcome them by shifting from a problem-focused stance to the more empowering stance of a creator of results. Love it!”

D. S. Silverman, Freelance Writer, Edmonton AB

“An important book! It shows how over-relying on problem solving — in life, work, and in our approach to our environment — can cause worse problems. And shows us what to do about it.”

 Arren Hofstad, Green Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA