Personal Life Coaching On 6 Continents

I’ve worked with LIFE DESIGN clients in Canada, USA, Switzerland, Brazil, UK, Australia, Taiwan, China, India, Israel… every continent except Antartica.

Here’s what some of them had to say about their coaching experience.

 I’m very happy that you’re my personal success coach.
Working with you is like going to the beach and breathing fresh air.”

Francesca Armanderis, Resiliency Expert, Los Angeles, CA

“I feel clear and focused. And energized! I created a great business, a fit, healthy body, and really solid relationships. Problems were actually opportunities to change and create.”

J.P.T. Small Business Owner, Calgary, AB

“Your life coaching had a profound impact on my life, both personal and professional. You have a very special way of challenging clients in a firm but gentle way to look above the smog to see the top of the mountain.”

 Les Brost, President, Southernstar Communications, Edmonton, AB

“Bruce’s friendship and personal coaching have supported me in navigating 25 years of the life I dared to long for. His voice, insight and wisdom are a part of the inner everyday language I used to climb Mount Everest, raise kids, pioneer a school, take dance lessons, deliver over a thousand presentations, and take on many more courageous adventures.”

 Sharon Wood, Canmore, AB – 1st Woman From Western Hemisphere To Summit Mount Everest
A  black and whiteview of Mount Everest from Tibet, lowlands in front, clouds streaming overhead
Mount Everest From Tibet

“I was down and dragging when I started life design work with Bruce. 16 weeks later, things just seem to happen. I flow from task to task with ease and get much more done. Most important the results I get done are now the ones that have always been the most important to me but I didn’t know how to approach before. I’m so happy and excited by all this.”

A. Hegler, Marketing Professional, Zurich, Switzerland

“I was skeptical at first. No more! Your personal coaching approach helped me organize and simplify both my life and my work, and become much more successful in both. Thanks!”

Serenity T., Victoria, BC

“I am moving to Eugene. . . I accepted a position with a wonderful little company, as training and development coordinator. I believe the personal coaching I did with you helped me get clearer about what I wanted and also clearer about processes to get there. A new adventure begins.”

Cindy Manning, Training Coordinator, Eugene, OR

“In 1983, I was lost, overconfident and looking for direction. Bruce’s coaching helped me develop a framework for life design and work that I continue to use today.”

Kevin “Doc” Klein, Organizational Consultant, Asheville, NC
Person holding a copy cup over a desk with one hand, and looking at a business planning schematic in the other hand. Pen, papers on the desk
Simplifying Small and Home Business Startups

“Bruce’s understanding of what it takes to break free from old patterns and move forward surpasses other “coaches” I’ve had. His simple yet practical recipe for both simplicity and success motivates me daily and keeps me on track.”

Lisa Cherry, Writer, Filmmaker, Toronto,ON

“I started Life Design Coaching with a business vision that was just “OK”. I concluded with a vision that is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. Using the creative life/work design framework with Bruce’s supportive guidance, allowed me to weed out what didn’t matter so I could get at what did matter. I ended up with the basics I needed to build a foundation for my business and re-design my life. I feel now that my business, my life and my self have become one. Living from this place can only mean just that, LIVING. Amazing work.”

Louise Maher, Founder: Avenues to Wellness, Toronto, ON

“Bruce Elkin has an exceptional ability to teach the creative process and relate it to the circumstances of peoples’ lives. He is a great personal and professional coach.”

Duncan Dow, Business Consultant, Vancouver, BC

“I came to coaching with basic knowledge of the creative process, but felt stuck in my thinking patterns. Bruce’s ability to mirror my language, thoughts and beliefs caused me to reflect on how I might be unintentionally imposing limits on myself. The personal coaching and life design work I did with Bruce sparked a renewal in personal mastery work, and generated a deeper appreciation for how I can embody the creative process. I’m finally learning to thrive rather than strive!”

Diane Houde, M.A., Lennoxville, Quebec