What Is Life Design Coaching? How Can It Help Me?

Coaching For Real, Rich And Lasting Success

I’m Bruce Elkin, a Life/Work Design Coach with 25 years of training and experience

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Coaching clients on 6 continents enables me to work with a wide variety of people who want to create the life, work, and relationships they most want—simply and effectively

What Is Life Design Coaching?

Find something you really care about—and live a life that shows it.

Kate Wolf, Singer, Songwriter

The life design process helps you clarify, envision, and bring into being your most highly desired goals and results—independent of current circumstances

It Can Help You

  • Overcome procrastination; stuckness
  • Manage your moods; ease stress, anxiety, and
  • Shift your primary focus—your life compass—from solving problems to creating results you really care about
  • Move from an “I can’t” stance to “I can…”
  • Simplify the challenge of creating almost any highly desired result

Bruce is an excellent personal life coach. Using his life design framework helped me stop procrastinating, ditch my job, and start a home-based consulting firm.

Lachlan Watson, Sidney, Australia

Life Design Coaching Can Empower You To

  • Make successful transitions in life, work
  • Create the relationship(s) you long for
  • Clear your mind (and home) of clutter
  • Downsize to a simpler, richer, more fulfilling life
  • Organize your life to support a creative passion
  • Finally write that book, get fit and healthy, build that cabin, upload those songs you wrote, create a home-based business … or whatever truly matters to you.

I was skeptical at first. But your organizing framework helped me redesign and simplify life and work. I’m fit again. My little biz is booming. I feel free and focused—happy about where I am, where I most want to go, and how to get there

Astra D., Victoria, BC, Craftsperson

Personal Life Coaching Helps You Stay The Course

Many people start projects, but fail to follow through to completed results.

Creating real and lasting results is much easier when you take action within the Life Design Framework

Bruce is one of the most effective coaches I’ve worked with. He gets you excited about pursuing things that truly matter, even under adverse conditions—and shows you how to stay the course until you get there.

Josh Dorfman, Entrepreneur, Author, TV Host

“It [100-mile ultra-marathon] went extremely well. A peak experience! The Life Design techniques worked so well, I’m now using them in work and the rest of my life.”

Jim Fellows, Ultra Marathoner, College Counsellor, Pennsylvania
Woman in black short and white tank top raises her arms in celebration at the beginning of a marathon. Behind her, a balding man in a red tank top and black bicycling short raises one arm in a thumbs up gesture.

Bruce’s Thrive! ebook and caring coaching helped me change my life, and succeed at things I’d never thought I could. Mucho gracias!

Sofía Jimenez, Owner of SKJ Photos, Mazatlán, Mexico

Books by Bruce Elkin

Five books istting on a reflective surface, by author Bruce Elkin.
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