Bruce is an excellent life coach.

Using his results-creating framework helped me get free of my day job,
start a small, home based consulting business, and
live a life I’d long dreamed of living.
Lachlan Watson, Sidney, AU


Most people do not fail to create desired results because they lack skill, will or motivation. Or time, energy and resources.

They fail because they lack a tried-and-true organizing framework—an energizing, guiding structure—in which to apply their skill, will and desire. Without such a framework, actions can be random, reactive, disorganized, simplistic, and fall short of desired results

Working within a Life Design Framework—driven by vision, grounded in reality and focused on actions that consistently lead toward results—can greatly increase your chances of creating what most matters to you.

“I was skeptical at first. No more! Your personal coaching approach helped me organize and simplify both my life and my work, and become more successful in both. Now I feel focused and purposeful. Thanks!”

Serenity T, Victoria, BC

My Personal Coaching Approach Can Benefit You By

  1. Helping you set up such a results-creating, organizing framework for action
  2. Supporting you as you apply the framework to create results that matter—with whatever you have to work with
  3. Enabling you to rise above the difficult feelings, thoughts and emotions that get in the way of creating the results you want to bring into being
  4. Empowering you to transcend problems, obstacles and issues, and take action in support of what you truly want in life, work and relationships.

Clients say that coaching with me is more like working with a running, tennis, or voice coach than chatting with a counsellor.

We do have great chats, too.

Woman in black short and white tank top raises her arms in celebration at the beginning of a marathon. Behind her, a balding man in a red tank top and black bicycling short raises one arm in a thumbs up gesture.

“Those who do not create the future they want…
must endure the future they get.”

Draper L. Kaufman, Jr, Systems One

Simplify and Enrich Life, Work and Relationships With Life Design Coaching

I ran a successful health and body work business but could not make key life decisions. I was living in a friend’s sewing shed, feeling pathetic. Bruce’s personal coaching helped me organize and create results I had not been able to make happen until then. I changed my self-talk, bought a new car, and put a down payment on a lovely townhouse, and improved my already successful business model. I feel much more relaxed and confident—whole—now.

M.J. Raymond, Montana, USA

In my 60’s, I thought I was over the hill and would never create the things I really wanted. Then I read Bruce’s book Simplicity and Success: Creating The Life You Long For. I hired him as my coach, and worked on applying the life-design framework to goals and dreams I’d all but given up on. I haven’t created them all, yet, but I’m making good progress toward the life I long for.

Wendy Montgomery, London, UK

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