The Making of a Freelance Life and Career

Or How I fought The System, lost, lost again, and learned to create my own damn system

A “maverick” can be an unbranded calf, cow, or steer that has strayed from the herd. It can also be a lone dissenter — an intellectual, artist, writer, inventor, entrepreneur, anyone who stands apart from the mainstream and creates their “path with heart.” 

In Maverick, I describe my long, winding journey from disillusioned probation officer and suicidal high school teacher scarred by a “system” that did not practice what it preached and pressed me to follow its confining, heartless path. 

Walk with me through graduate school attempts and efforts to explore other professions. Meet my mentors — maverick experts in environmental education, personal mastery, and creating results that matter. Follow me as I develop and run my own programs, succeed apart from heartless bureaucracies, and experience a growing sense of freedom, purpose and pride. 

Maverick, book cover, by Bruce Elkin.