Bruce Elkin grinning on the beach at Ross Bay, Victoria

Create Real and Lasting Success – Simply, Easily, Effectively

Hi! I’m Bruce Elkin, a personal life coach for 25 years.
My focused approach can help you get unstuck, on track, and creating what truly matters.
I can help you make transitions, simplify and enrich your life, and up your game personally and professionally. I can help you set up your own small or home based business.
I can help you organize your life to support your art, writing, photography or other creative endeavour..

Who Are My Ideal Clients?

  • People who are stuck, stalled, in transition and don’t clearly know what they want.
  • People who do know what they want, but don’t know how to make it happen.
  • People who are doing fine—just not at the right thing. But wish they were.
  • Individuals who want to create a small or home-based business.
  • Professionals who want to up their game and produce better results with less effort.
  • Creatives such as writers, artist, musicians… who want to organize their life to support their art.

I live in Victoria, BC, Canada.
While most of my personal and professional clients come from Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Canmore, and Edmonton, I’ve been a life coach for people on 6 continents.
See: Testimonials and Success Stories.

Free Coaching Info Packages

To obtain my FREE INFO PACKAGE and/or set up FREE 45-MINUTE COACHING CONSULTATION, please e-mail me with “Life Coaching Package” as subject.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Alan Kay, Apple Fellow

Skills and Structure For Creating Almost Anything

Research shows that most people don’t fail to achieve their goals because they’re lazy or lack the time, energy and resources to hit their targets.

They fail because they lack a tried-and-true structure in which to organize their talent, energy and resources in a way that consistently moves them from where they are to where they most want to be.

I can help you set up a simple yet powerful organizing framework that will help you create the results you most want—in almost any aspect of your life and work.

I can help you scale up your efforts, applying the skills and organizing framework to larger, more complex, and more important results.

The creating framework I work with is driven by vision, ground in reality, and focused on action that supports your deepest desires and highest aspirations.

Mastering the skills and structure of creating can greatly increase your chances of creating what matters most to you in life, work, relationships, and almost anything.

“I wanted to simplify but didn’t want to be poor or unsucessful.

With Bruce’s help I learned to focus on what matters and create a life that is rich, simple and successful.”

— S. Ciscenos, Victoria, BC

For more on how my coaching process works, please see my “How I Work” page, or
Email me to request my Coaching Info Package at
Use “Life coaching package” as the subject.

Books by Bruce Elkin

Thrive! Creating what matters most, by Bruce Elkin.
Simplicity and Success, by Bruce Elkin.
Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.
Creating Sustainable Success, by Bruce Elkin.
The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.