Who Benefits From Life Design Coaching?

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Anyone seeking a step-by-step organizing framework that supports their deepest dreams and highest aspirations.

Coaching clients on 6 continents enables me to work with a variety of people who want to create the life, work, and relationships they most want—and to thrive in good times and bad

From single moms to Fortune 500 CEOs, downshifters to doctors, writers and other creatives to other coaches and counsellors—in Victoria, BC, and around the world.

Almost all my clients are successful in many ways, but can’t, yet, create the results that matter most to them in life, work, relationships … whatever.

Some struggle with seemingly unsolvable problems, obstacles, and adversity.

Others suffer mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression (See below)

I was a successful broker but felt stuck, depressed because my work no longer fed my soul. While working with Bruce, I transitioned to yoga teaching, and providing flexibility training for athletes. My work is now filled with heart, and I have more time and energy for family and friends.

Kaleesha Armstrong, Vancouver

Most Clients Come To Me

  • Not sure what results they want to create
  • Do know what they want but not how to create it
  • Doing fine—just NOT at what they’d love to do
  • Doing fine, and would like to take to at a higher level
  • Stuck, stalled, drifting, unable to get on track and moving forward
  • Looking to simplify life and work to free up energy and action for what matters most

Almost all seek a vision and purpose to energize and guide their thinking.

And the skills, tools and structure with which to put that energy into consistent action—leading to real, rich and lasting results.

“For five years, I went to counselling, got coached, attended workshops, listened to podcasts and read many dozens of self-help books. Most helped. But not for long. In spite of all my efforts, I slid back into my old ways. It wasn’t until Bruce helped me learn to redesign—restructure—my life habits that I was able to find a career I enjoy, and create lasting success.

E.D. Mayeroff, Vancouver, BC

“Your life coaching had a profound impact on my life, both personal and professional. You have a very special way of challenging clients in a firm but gentle way to look above the smog to see the top of the mountain.”

Les Brost, President, Southernstar Communications, Edmonton, AB
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I Also Offer Emotional Mastery Coaching

If you’re stuck—feeling anxious or depressed—please visit my Emotional Mastery page, and check out my free ebook, The ABCs of Emotional Mastery. EM coaching can incorporated into Life Design Coaching, or as stand alone sessions.

“Outsized. Couldn’t find work. Stuck. Really bummed!
Working with Bruce helped me clarify what I wanted, then helped me create it. I’m now a freelance designer, and loving it!”

— Beth Brown, Graphic Designer, Toronto, ON

A Client Overcomes Adversity and Creates Lasting Success

Forever indebted to you for introducing me to The Creative Process some 20 yrs + ago!!! You coached me to “create a life that matters most to me & live that life!” I have created success both professionally & personally, that makes me feel grateful & blessed everyday! That life, my life, is always evolving & growing. You continue to inspire me, Coach!!  ❤️

— Brenda E., Corporate Coach, Yoga Instructor

The video below describes how Brenda made and sustained her life changes.