A path cuts through a field toward rounded hills. One has a spreading tree on with a flock of birds. In the background, a spectacular , mulit-cloured sunset beckons

Pathway To Results-From Fit To Stretch

Discusses the difference between “stretch” and “fit” goals. Asserts that, to succeed, you need first to set big, stretch goals, and then set realistic goals that support them.

What Do You Really Want To Create?

Do You Struggle With A Jumble Of Needs, Desires, and Goals? Most of my clients do. I help them apply an organizing framework to prioritize and act on key goals.

A pool in a Zen garden surrounded by rocks and shrubbery. A stone lantern sits on a square, flat rock in the middle of the pool. The whole peaceful scene is an example of the simplicity on the other side of complexity

Simplicity? Success? Or Both?

My personal coaching clients seek to 1) create great results, and 2) do so simply, effectively, with little stress. My Life Design framework makes it so.

A sailboat is highlighted in a reflected path of golden light, as the sun drops below a layer of dark clouds. A visual metaphor for the path of least resistance

The Structure of Success

People don’t fail because they lack talent or motivation. They fail because they lack a framework in which to integrate skill, will and resources.

Woman jumping for joy above seashore rocks, silhouetted against a deep, rich orange sky.

How Can I Thrive — Not Just Survive?

There are 3 types of people: Victims, Survivors, Thrivers. Only Thrivers create real and lasting results with ease. I help people become Thrivers.

Three backpacking hikers on a rocky mountain ridge. Behind them, the sun is setting over higher mountains, and clouds through which the sun is a fuzzy yellow-white patch

Journey or Destination?

In my Life Design Coaching practice, I work with clients who want to create results that truly matter to them, but, so far, have not been successful in doing so. Many, if not most, are stuck because they confuse the relationship between process and results. Journey or destination? My approach embraces both journey and destination.  …

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A photo of the philosopher, Denis Diderot, at his writing desk, wearing his elegant, new dressing robe. Beside the picture, these words: "My friends, keep your old friends. My friends, fear the touch of wealth. Let my example teach you a lesson. Poverty has its freedoms; opulence has its obstacles."

Living Simple in the City

Simple living and minimalism create freedom to do what matters. Buying uneeded, new stuff can erode that freedom. Best to make do with what works.

Sun is just beginning to hit a wooded hillside above a lake. In front of the water, marsh grasses are silhouetted. Mist rises off the deciduous forests, forming wispy clouds, in which the round bright shape of the sun is trying to peek through.

Beware The Verb “To Be”

The verb “to be”—It is. I am. You are.—is judgmental. Absolute. It can make your thinking absolute, and get in the way of creating the success you long for.

An executive at a team building retreat is spread out on steep rock slope, looking for his next hold and step. He's wearing a blue helmet, a blue and white stripped t-shirt and rock climbing shoes. Behind him and to the left side, sun lights up a forest of beech or birch.

The Power of “Yet”

Adding “yet” to “I can’t do it” changes the statement from an absolute judgment—an action stopper—to a hopeful statement, and more effective action.

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