Creating Real and Lasting Results -In Harmony With the Life Systems That Support You

The key to creating real and lasting results is creating what truly matters, not merely focusing on and seeking to get rid of (or relief from) problems .

Have you ever “solved” a problem – such as smoking or being overweight – only to find it keeps coming back, over and over again?

Have you ever “fixed” a problem only to find that your solution caused more grief than the problem? Like drinking alcohol to reduce stress?

Creating Sustainable Success — A Draft eBook

Do you oscillate between better then worse, then better then worse, then…?

Such dilemmas plague problem solving as a results strategy—in both senses of “sustainable.”

“In this book, as in his excellent Simplicity and Success, Elkin takes what are usually thought of as mutually exclusive ideas and shows how they complement each other. Challenging, but I’d say he makes a good case.”

Celia Jonnson, Sustainable Business Owner, Vancouver, BC

Why Problem Solving Is Not The Answer

Creating Sustainable Success addresses our reliance on problem solving — and shows why it not only rarely works for life’s big, existential challenges, it often makes things worse.

This draft ebook describes two kinds of situations we call problems: convergent and divergent. Conventional problem solving only works with convergent (single solution) problems.

“Creating Sustainable Success is an important book! It shows how over-relying on problem solving leads to even worse problems. And shows us what to do about it. After reading this book, I can’t wait to read Simplicity and Success to learn how to create what matters most – to create life success in spite of my “problems.”

Arren Hofstad, Green Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA

Divergent challenges (multiple possibilities) are best seen as opportunities to create, and approached from a creating stance—driven by vision, grounded in reality and focused on lasting results.

Creating is a superior success strategy. It can embrace and transcend problems in support of desired results.

The ebook describes five flaws in problem solving that prevent it from being a useful success strategy or from providing a practical key to success.

A multi-stream waterfall in a jungle with a rainbow in the mist in front of it.

Create Real and Lasting Success

Creating is a powerful key to producing success in anything that that truly matters to you – including creating an environmentally sustainable life, work, community, etc . . .

But, most of us do not know how to deliberately create what matters. So we habitually default to problem solving as our primary success strategy. But, at best, “solutions” merely bring us temporary relief from problems; at worst, the cure becomes worse than the disease.

Conventional problem solving fails to provide a solid platform on which to build a success strategy that works consistently. And often wastes precious time, energy and resources.

The key to sustainable success lies in rising above problems by shifting to the more senior, more powerful, and more comprehensive strategy of creating.

Creating as part of problem-solving is still problem solving.

But problem solving can be an action step in the act of creating real and lasting results—for you and your environment.

“I loved this book. It helped me get a clearer understanding of the limits of problem solving, and also see how much I tend to use it. Yikes! I’ve got my work caught out for me, if I want to shift to a creating stance and create the kind of results I long for. “

S. Taylor, Freelance Copywriter, Los Angeles, CA

If you want deeper insight to why your efforts to create success — life success, personal success, career success, business success, relationship success, environmental success… — get this book.

It’s free, if you promise to read it and give me feedback, and tell me what works and what doesn’t, what makes sense and what is confusing. I’d appreciate your help.