Couples, Groups, and Teams

A line up of people walking on a snow covered mountain with a rocky mountain top and blue clear sky behind them.

Success Coaching for Creating What Matters Most in Life, Work, and Business

Success coaching programs and life design services for couples, groups, and teams.

“I believe this program will be critical to our success. You have a remarkable ability to communicate and coach.”

Richard Yank, Vice Pres., HR, ALCAN Aluminum

Success Coaching For Couples, Groups, and Teams

Individuals who work together to create what matters most find there is a powerful synergy in their efforts. My personal success coaching programs can easily be applied to couples coaching, group coaching and businesses.

Communication, cooperation, and the ability to share focus are key to group success. So are the skills with which to envision desired results, clarify current reality, and co-create results that truly matter. Together, these skills increase both individual’s personal mastery in creating results and the group mastery need to co-create mutually desired results.

When personal mastery is complemented by organizational master, results that seem impossible become realistic and doable.

Both individuals and groups find that they can much more with much less input of time, effort and resources.

As momentum builds and results emerge, stress, conflict and frustration disolve. Group members feel energized, creative, and productive.

To that end, I offer the following couples coaching and business coaching services and programs:

A line up of people walking on a snow covered mountain with a rocky mountain top and blue clear sky behind them.

Couples’ Coaching

Couples, for example, or groups of friends or associates who receive personal success coaching at the same time (and support each other) almost always produce quicker, higher-level, and longer lasting results than individuals do on their own.

Most couples begin with a personal life coaching program to be build their individual mastery in creating results. For some, the skills and framework they develop is sufficient for them to begin co-creating together, without more coaching help.

Many, however, maintain contact with me to help sustain results, develop co-creating fluency, and clarify patterns/structures that cause them to stall, get stuck or get off track.

Some request Deep Change coaching to help identify and transcend structures which prevent them from making real and lasting change.

Finally, many couples will consult with me when they encounter a difficult challenge and need a bit of coaching to see how best to embrace it and create desired results in spite of it.

“Working with you on creating what matters most has turned our relationship around. We are each clearer about what we want, and we have co-created many key results together. You should sell this as a couple’s communication program. The synergy is so great.”

 D. & T. Barton, Toronto , ON

Group Coaching for Friends and Associates

Although not as intimate as couple’s coaching, group coaching can be an excellent way for small groups of friends and associates to turbo-charge their results creating abilities.

It’s also cheaper, as the fee for individuals who enroll as a group is lower than that for individuals on their own.

Working in groups of 3 up to 12 particpants allows individuals to gain the skills and framework for creating desired results and to get the support, feedback and encouragment of sharing the progress and challenges with others.

Small groups of 3-4 usually sign up for personal coaching at the time time, much as described above with couples. Then they create mechanisms to share (1-1 with a supporting partner, or with all at the same time. One group of tech-savvy folks created an intranet just for sharing their creating work!)

Larger groups of 5-12 usually self-organize a day-long or, preferably, a 2-day long workshop facilitated by me. Some such workshops are held in people’s living rooms. Others become more of a retreat to nearby lodge or retreat centre, and include food, lodging and time to reflect in nature.

One group of 5 couples and 2 friends self-organized what they called a “Purpose Party” to learn about the creating approach and apply it to creating clarity about their pesonal purpose in life and work. They did in a cozy retreat centre, close to home and provided delicious food for meals and snacks. Although it was a serious and productive working session, their Purpose Party had a kind of festive air to it. Perfect for around New Year’s, or early fall!

Often, individuals who participate in this kind of group process, go on to work with me by enrolling in a personalized Deep Changeprogram.

The cost for this kind of group coaching program can be much cheaper per person than individual coaching – even when you include the cost of bringing me to your area!

“THANK YOU! Our Purpose Party was definitely a weekend full of fun and very useful tools. In particular, I find I’ve grabbed on to the “create and adjust” strategy and lots of things are getting done! I’m glad to hear you also enjoyed yourself and our group. We’re getting together in the next couple of days to check in and figure out how we would like to keep the momentum going. Everyone says they benefited greatly from the weekend.”

C. MacDonald, Victoria BC

“Our group session with you got us all stoked to work together and support each other in our various small biz and entrepreurial endeavors. I find that I’ve just scratched the surface on this creating stuff, and how I can use it to create my business – and my life. So I want to continue coaching with you, and I think 2 of the other 3 want to do more, too. We’re escited about building that energy of momentum you talked about. Great stuff. So happy we brought you over the mountains!”

Jenny Bittendorf, Calgary AB

Business and Team Coaching

The same synergy occurs for work and leadership teams in business and other organizations when all members develop the vision driven language, skills, and structure of creating what matters most .

As a creator of three successful businesses and a long-time consultant to executive and senior management teams, I have deep experience helping groups master the vision driven process of co-creating what matters most.

Group work is best begun in a face-to-face workshop setting.

However, personal mastery is the basis for group and organizational mastery. Groups that comitt to developing both individual and group fluency in the creating process develop the skills and structure to create what matters most-easily, effecitively, and with the resources they currently have.

For more detailed info on my Business Coaching and Executive Coaching, please check out my Executive Coaching page.