I’m so happy you’re my personal coach. 
Working with you is like going to the beach and breathing fresh air.


You bring the content—dreams, aspirations, desires, and problems, issues or obstacles that get in the way of you achieving them.

I help you clarify and envision the results you most want to create—in life, work, relationships, whatever….

Then I coach you in applying a skill-based, Life Design organizing structure that guides your thinking, intuition and action toward creating the results that matter most—independent of problems, issues, obstacles and adversity.

“I was skeptical at first. But no more! The life design framework and your caring got me past my problem-driven reflex. I simplified and organized my life and work, and became more successful in both—with less stress and tears! Thanks.”

Serenity T., Victoria, BC
Life Design — A Bridge To The Future
Photo by Klas Tauberman from Pexels

“Other coaching programs I explored were more like counselling. We focused on problems but never got around to consider the future I wanted. With you, we got right to it. I learned new skills I can use almost everywhere. I gained confidence. I reached for more outrageous (for me) results. This coaching was worth every penny. Thank you!”

G.H. Saltz, Calgary, AB

Life Design Framework details and illustration here.

Image by Gary Skirrow from Pixabay

Creating The Simplicity On the Other Side of Complexity

Have you ever thrilled to world class figure skaters, ski racers, yoga masters, or tango dancers making complex challenges look simple, easy, elegant.

Behind that simplicity lie thousands of hours of planning, organization, practice, and coaching to make the complex simple.

This 2 minute video describes how a client applied the Life Design Framework to what had seemed like a simple result, but turned out to be more complex than expected.
And how she achieved the simplicity on the other side of that complexity.

Creating The Simplicity On The Other Side of Complexity!

NOTE: Using the Life Design Framework, the lawyer in the video created a series of ever-more challenging results, culminating in leaving law, and creating an adventure-based, personal growth program for women. And a thriving follow-up coaching practice.

For a deeper look into the impact of structure in creating results, go here.

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