Personal Life Design Coaching

Do You Consistently Act On Your Key Goals?

If not, Life Design Coaching can help you do so, simply, successfully, and with less stress and strain.

“Other coaching programs I explored were more like counselling. We focused on problems but never got around to consider the future I wanted. With you, we got right to it. I learned new skills. I gained confidence. I reached for more outrageous (for me) results. Coaching was worth every penny. Thank you!”

G.H. Saltz, Calgary, AB

If you don’t have a clear action plan, and merely react and respond to issues and circumstances, or, if you have too many irons in the fire at one time, you’re not likely to consistently create the results that matter most to you.

Life Design Coaching can help you simplify your efforts, and greatly up your chances of success.

What Is Life Design Coaching?

In my Personal Life Coaching approach, you bring the content—dreams, aspirations, desires. Things you long to have in your life, work and relationships, but don’t, yet.

As well as whatever gets in your way of you creating what you truly want.

I help you clarify, prioritize, and envision your most important results.

And objectively assess problems, issues, or obstacles you struggle with.

Most important, I help you apply a Life/Work Framework that enables and empowers you to consistently move toward key goals—independent of problems, obstacles, and circumstances.

I was leery about “structure.” Then, after one session, I wasn’t!
The life design framework and your caring help got me past my problem-driven reflex. I changed my focus. I simplified and reorganized my life and work. And became more successful in both—without the stress and tears!

Serenity T., Victoria, BC
Woman standing beachside, watching the surf roll in, and breathing fresh air.
Breathing Fresh Air

I’m so happy you’re my personal coach. 
Working with you is like going to the beach and breathing fresh air.


Life Design Coaching is a structure for success. It greatly increases your chances of creating “the simplicity on the other side of complexity.”

What Is The Simplicity On the Other Side of Complexity?

Have you thrilled to world class figure skaters, ski racers, yoga masters, or tango dancers who make complex challenges look simple, easy, and elegant.

Making the Complex Seem Simple
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Behind that simplicity lie thousands of hours of structured planning, organization, practice, and coaching—from which emerge the elegant, simple-seeming performances we thrill to.

This short video describes how a New York City lawyer applied the Life Design Framework to create what had seemed like a simple result, but turned out to be far more complex than she expected.

And how she achieved the simplicity on the other side of that complexity.

M.J.’s Success Story

Creating The Simplicity On The Other Side of Complexity

Using the Life Design structure, M.J. started small and created a series of ever-more challenging results—culminating in gradually leaving law behind.

During the transition, she started creating her own adventure-based, personal growth program for women, and a thriving, follow-up coaching business.

When it was up and running, she quit her day job.

Best thing I ever did. Bruce’s coaching was exceptional. Firm yet patient, letting me lead the process, and guiding me where needed. Most important was helping me learn and apply his life design framework, so I could go on to bigger and better results post-coaching.

M.J. Jones, NYC, NY

See what the Life Design Framework looks like, and how it works.

Helpful Resources

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