“I am so happy you’re my personal coach. Working with you is like going to the beach and breathing fresh air.”



In my results-focused, Life Design approach, you bring the content—your dreams, aspirations, desires, and any problems, issues or obstacles that get in your way.

I help you develop the skills and framework to envision and act on your goals—in spite of problems, inertia, or adversity.

I provide feedback and support to help you to follow through to completed results.

Gently-structured programs that build skills and a framework for action—and stress the importance of practice—usually generate better results than open-ended problem or issued focused approaches.

“Other coaching programs I’d explored were more like counselling. We never got around to consider the future, or the results I wanted. With you, we got right to that. I learned new skills I can use almost everywhere. I gained confidence. I stretched for more outrageous (for me) results. This coaching was worth every penny. Thank you!”

G.H. Saltz, Calgary, AB
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What Benefits Can You Get From Life Design Coaching?

You’ll get the ability to:

  • Clarify what matters most in life, work and relationships
  • Craft clear, compelling visions of desired results 
  • Ground visions in objective current reality
  • Hold vision and reality in mind together to set up a Life Design Framework— a container for creativity that integrates rational and intuitive thinking
  • Take action within that framework, which energizes and guides your actions toward results, in spite of problems, obstacles or adversity.
  • Create results that truly matter, simply, easily and effectively.

“Your life design program is the most powerful and practical self-help program I’ve ever taken part in. I grasped the impact of daily practice, and how to learn from it. And most important, I learned to simplify and enrich my process and results.”

A. D. Fleur, Freelance Writer, Nashville , TN
It’s Not Always Simple To Live Simply and Richly

Caveat: Practice Makes Progress

Learning to consistently create what you most want takes about the same time as learning any complex skill, such as tango, skiing, needlepoint, piano, skate boarding…

We start small. As you develop fluency in the framework, and bring into being small and medium-sized results, I help you stretch for larger results

Success builds upon success.

It’s not long before you’re reaching for your deepest desires and highest aspirations.

And bringing them into being.

“I was skeptical at first. No more! Your life design, personal coaching approach helped me organize and simplify both my life and my work, and become much more successful in both. Thanks!”

Serenity T., Victoria, BC

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