A “maverick” can be an unbranded calf, cow, or steer that has strayed from the herd. It can also be a lone dissenter — an intellectual, artist, writer, inventor, entrepreneur, anyone who stands apart from the mainstream and creates their “path with heart.” 

In Maverick, I describe my long, winding journey from suicidal high school teacher scarred by a “system” that failed to practice what it preached and pressed me to follow its confining path. Walk with me through failed graduate school attempts to explore other professions. Meet and learn from my mentors — experts in environmental education, personal mastery, and creating desired results in life and work — and experience my growing sense of freedom, purpose and pride. 

Shoving Sisyphean rocks up existential mountains, I learned about my strengths and weaknesses, I clarified my values and goals. I used my lessons to become a maverick environmental camp director, university instructor, and international trainer and speaker. I discovered “the simplicity on the other side of complexity,” and how living lightly on the earth could free me to walk my chosen path with ease and joy. I created a personal and professional coaching business— working with individuals on six continents, helping them create rich yet simple lives and work that truly mattered. I wrote and published a decent-selling book and three e-books for my coaching clients and others. I wrote stories, articles, essay for magazines, blogs, and journals.

I invite you to join on me on this long, strange journey. Experience my high highs and low lows and the lessons learned as I became a Free Lance* entrepreneur and created my own damn system. 

“A long strange trip,” indeed! But heartful and rewarding.

* “Free Lances” were Ronin samurais for hire, beholden to no one master.

Maverick, book cover, by Bruce Elkin.