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THRIVE! — In Challenging Times & Beyond

THRIVE! is about embracing messiness, complexity, and difficult times—and taking action to create what matters most to you. 

Applying its skills and life design framework can empower and enable you to get started on creating a rich, yet simple and flourishing life, career, or biz — with whatever you have to work with.

“Bruce Elkin provides a powerful life-design framework with which to refocus your life on what matters most. If you read this book, be prepared to let go of stress and re-energize your life.”

Dr. Paul Stoltz, Author: Adversity Quotient

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Short review of THRIVE! and my Life Design Approach in Boulevard Magazine. [Page 22-23]

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Expert Praise For THRIVE!

Thrive! Creating what matters most, by Bruce Elkin.

“A great read! I was lost, overconfident, and looking for direction. Bruce’s ideas and practices helped me develop a framework for life and work that I use every day.”

Doc Klein, President, Unchartered Territories, Consultant to CDC (US)

“This highly praised and well-written book shows how to shift focus and energy from getting rid of what you don’t like and don’t want to creating – bringing into being – what you truly do want. Bruce Elkin provides the skills and structure to create rich, yet simple and flourishing lives, work, and businesses – with whatever you have to work with. He provides a template for engaging the world with wonder and enthusiasm, and changing your inner language from “can’t” to “can.”

Rey Carr, Editor, “Peer Bulletin,” www.peer.ca

“Bruce is one of the most effective coaches I’ve worked with. In Thrive! he gets you excited about pursuing things that truly matter to you even under adverse conditions — and shows you how to stay the course until you get there. I found myself nodding my head in agreement as I read and thinking, “This makes so much sense!”

Josh Dorfman, Author and television host, The Lazy Environmentalist

“Thrive! will help you create an adventurous, fulfilling life. Reading it, I realized how much Bruce’s guidance shaped my approach to life, and helped me transform my dreams into reality. He provides a template for engaging the world with wonder and enthusiasm, and changing your inner language from can’t to can.”

Sharon Wood, Keynote Speaker, 1st N. American Woman to Summit Mt Everest

“Bruce’s success coaching approach goes beyond coping with hard times. He helps you embrace life’s complexity, and use it as raw material to create results. If life gives you lemons, you don’t just make lemonade – you make a delicious lemon soufflé. Your life isn’t just less bad or a little better – it’s energized in a whole new way. I use some of Bruce’s tools and can testify to their power.”

Vicki Robin, Million-Selling Coauthor of Your Money Or Your Life

“Bruce’s personal coaching approach is great for creators. When I dream up a project, I must not only think through the steps I need to take, but actually take them – even those I dread or resist. I also focus on everyday and work-related communication so that it does what I really want it to do.”

Kathy Page, Author: Dear Evelyn, Winner of the 2018 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize

“Bruce Elkin’s new ebook is a timely reminder of how much control we have over our happiness. It is all about the choices we make. Read it now and keep it handy, to read again whenever the world starts to wear you down.”

John Renesch, Author: Getting to the Better Future and Steven’s Choice

“Bruce Elkin’s creating approach inspires us all to question the old ways of the past in a renewed quest to find creative ways to embrace the exciting challenges of the present.”

John Amatt, President, One Step Beyond WorldWide Author, Straight To The Top and Beyond

“Every environmental, social, political and community activist and organizer should read this ebook. Thrive! shows you how to embrace and transcend challenging situations by focusing on what you truly want to create. A clear, compelling vision of desired results drives your action (not problems). Yet vision is carefully grounded in reality, and action honors both vision and reality — even as it moves you toward what matters. Excellent! 5 Stars!

Stephanie Allenez, Resilient Communities Activist, NYC, NY

“A fascinating read! Bruce presents us with fresh perspectives, tools and approaches to create the results we want when faced with a common challenges. His big ideas are well paced in a digestible fashion. It is well researched and referenced, allowing us to dive more deeply where we wish. The quality and diversity of the quotes also enriches the experience and broadens the benefit.”

Christopher Bowers, Environmental and Community Activist, Victoria, BC

“I’m impressed! This book deserves to be read and re-read. Most books I’m asked to review rehash old ideas, often taking away rather than adding value. Your book is a shining exception to that rule. I honestly don’t know how you packed so much solid value in such a tiny package. What I love most is that you don’t oversimplify the skills and attitudes it takes to create results. AND you make those skills and attitudes appealing and accessible. I’m honored to know you, my friend.”

Molly Gordon, Marketing Coach for Accidental Entrepreneurs

“A fabulous life design ebook. Being present in your life and authentic in your interactions helps you to create a life defined by you. Bruce provides us with the tools to help achieve the life we want to live – genuinely and thoughtfully. Thrive! is a great personal coaching resource and a must read.”

Laura Marriott, CEO, NeoMedia Technologies Inc.

“This short, powerful personal coaching primer raises excellent questions. It equips readers with tools, models, and perspectives to focus on what really matters. Elkin points out that challenging times offer great opportunity. Many know that, but still get stuck. This ebook provides practical advice for getting going – and knowing where to go!”

Bob Stilger, Author: “Healthy and Resilient Communities” blog, resilient communities.org

“I really love this book — it is about how real people can deal with the mess and complexity of real life. It is about resilience and and personal activism — helping you to reframe things so that you can do something about them. Thrive! gives practical examples, simple models and is written in an easy, comfortable style. It is written from the appreciative perspective — What is good about me (and my situation)? What do I do well? What gives me joy? What really matters to me?

“Bruce introduces the skill set you need in order to be resilient and deal deal with “wicked” problems (those messy, complex, bug-bear problems we all face occasionally). He helps you to set up a structure which enables you to create your way out of the wicked problem and through to resilience and real results. He provides case studies that show you how others have done this. These help you to see how you can do it too.

“Bruce is an accomplished personal coach and this comes across in his writing. His why is enabling others to bloom. Best of all, the book is free — available now for download. Read it and enjoy!

Patricia Lustig, Consultant, LASA Development UK Ltd
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Chapter 1: The Big Picture: Embrace Messiness, Create What Matters


Chapter 2: From Solving Problems To Creating Results

Chapter 4: The Limits of Problem-Solving


Chapter 4: What Matters Most?

Chapter 5: The Structure of Creating

Chapter 6: Setting Up Your Creating Framework

Chapter 7: Working Within The Creating Structure


Chapter 8: Creating Resilience and Flourishing In the Face of Adversity

Chapter 9: Putting It All Together

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