Manage Moods, Lower Stress, Create What Matters 
— With Whatever You Have To Work With

The insights and exercises in the free ABCS of Emotional Mastery ebook can help you recognize negative, self-sabotaging thoughts and stories.

Then replace them with self-supporting, realistically optimistic thoughts, feelings and actions that consistently lead to desired results.

As you increase Emotional Mastery, you’ll find it easier to clarify and create what truly matters to you. And enjoy your success.

“I was depressed and anxious when I started with Bruce. His approach is excellent. The ABCs of Emotional Mastery are now key to my mood management and results creating toolkit. When I use the EM tools regularly, I prevent the negative feelings that used to overwhelm me. If I do get flustered or feeling down, I go back to the ABCs to sort myself out.”

 C. L. Correndar, Victoria, BC

Would You Like To Feel And Act Like This?

  • Happy. Relaxed under pressure. Resilient in the face of adversity
  • Up, energized, focused on positive action and results.
  • Able to dissolve much of your stress, depression and anxiety
  • Embrace mistakes as feedback. See opportunities in trying times
  • Create what matters most—in spite problems and circumstances
  • Do what you truly want to be doing.

Free Ebook

A 3-D photo of the book The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.

Download and learn about changing nutty beliefs to self-supporting beliefs and stories.

Stuck. Depressed. Anxious. Overwhelmed?

That’s how many clients feel when they contact me about Emotional Mastery.

Too often, we blame circumstancesother people, and external events for our negative feelings.

In The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, you will learn that reality is not your enemy. 

You’ll learn that you can improve how you feel and act by changing how you think and talk to yourself about reality.

“I’d almost given up hope before I reached out to Bruce and read the ABCs. He helped me see that my negative (usually false) judgments gave rise to negative feelings and my inability to act on what I wanted in life and work. The book helped immensely. I got a job I liked and this spring I’m getting married.”

Carol Medina, Victoria, BC
A woman in black pant and billowy, white blouse, stands on the seashore, arms outspread, head uplifted, watching the small breakers roll  in. Evokes, openness, relaxation, energy.


3-D image of the book, The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.


Introduction: Is This All There Is To Life?

Part One: Why?

Chapter 1: Emotional Mastery .
Chapter 2: The Challenge of Adversity
Chapter 3: The Problem(s) With Problem-Solving

Part Two: What?

Chapter 4: Explanatory Style
Chapter 5: The ABCs Part 1: How Your Beliefs Can Cause Misery—Or Joy
Chapter 6 : The ABCs Part 2: Change Your Story; Change Your Life

Part Three: How?

Chapter 7: The Power of Passion Driven Practice and Perseverance
Chapter 8: The Gift In Adversity