Manage Moods, Lower Stress, and Create What Matters Most 
—— With Whatever You’re Starting With!

Bruce Elkin provides a powerful life-organizing framework with which you can refocus your life on what matters most. If you read this book, be prepared to let go of stress, distress and extraneous burdens — and re-energize your life.”

Dr. Paul Stoltz, Author: Adversity Quotient & The Adversity Challenge

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Do You Sometimes Feel

  • Down? Depressed?
  • Stressed and anxious?
  • Overwhelmed by life and work?
  • Too tired to take care of what matters to you?
  • Helpless or hopeless: that it’s all just too hard?

That’s how many clients feel when they contact me about emotional mastery.

Too often, we blame circumstances, other people, external events or other aspects of reality for our negative feelings.

In The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, you will learn reality is not your enemy. You can improve how you feel and act, by recognizing and changing how you think.

Increased emotional flexibility will help you bounce back from adversity, relax under pressure and realize how you create negative feelings and moods. AND create positive, self-supporting feelings!

“I was quite depressed and anxious when I started with Bruce. His approach is excellent. The ABCs of Emotional Mastery are now key to my mood management and results creating toolkit. When I use them regularly, I prevent negative feelings before they get a hold of me.”

 C. L. Correndar, Victoria, BC

Would You Like To Feel More Like This?

You won’t jump with joy right away, but wouldn’t you like to be able to:

  • Relax under pressure, and bounce back from adversity,
  • Create what matters – in spite of difficult circumstances or events,
  • Dissolve stress, depression and anxiety,
  • Feel up, energized and focused on what matters most?

Change your story, change your life!

The ABCs of Emotional Mastery can help you take charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions. And change self-deafeating thoughts to self-supporting ones.

You’ll be better able to manage moods, increase resilience, and improve well-being. And create the results you truly want to create.

Download your free copy of The ABCs (PDF)

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