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Success Stories From Personal Life Coaching Clients

“I feel clear and focused. And way more energized! I created a great business, a fit, healthy body, and really solid relationships. Problems were actually opportunities to change and create.”

J.P.T., Small Business Owner, Calgary, AB

Personal, Business and Entrepreneur Success Stories

Clients who learned to simplify life and work—and create what matters most.

Ed: A Life/Business Success Story: Uncovering the Structure of What Matters

Ed was a local businesman who had done more workshops and read more self-help books than any client I ever worked with. Although he was a difficult client, Ed’s story is fascinating.

Early in our coaching process, I helped Ed craft a vision of the kind and quality of life and work he wanted to create. But he wasn’t happy with it. “Something,” he said, “was missing.”

What Ed could not see was that he’d unconsciously set up a structure – an organizing framework – in which several of his values and desires conflicted with each other.

Through coaching, Ed came to see how this unseen structure prevented him from creating the results he wanted. And he learned how to set up a structure that enabled him to create those results. [Read more about Ed’s success story.]

Sarah’s Life/Work Success Story: Working With the Creating Process

Sarah’s learning’s about envisioning desired results and doing what’s needed to make them happen are applicable to anyone wanting to do the same.

In Sarah’s first coaching session, she listed a number of small, concrete results she wanted to produce. They included a writing space, a brochure for her freelance communications service, and a circle of friends.

When pushed to stretch for what she most wanted, Sarah outlined a long-term vision of what she wistfully called her “dream cottage.”

Although it sounded great to me, a number of the others in our group session thought her “dream cottage” vision was unrealistic. Sarah was short on money and living in an expensive part of the country.

I told her that it was good to stretch beyond her current capacity, and that the dream cottage result would be good practice – whether she succeeded in creating it, or not.

To find out whether Sarah did create what mattered most to her, read more of this fascinating success story. 

Murray’s Entrepreneur Success Story: Discovering What Really Matters

Murray hated his job, and wanted to do something different. Something that truly mattered to him.

But, it wasn’t easy. What we really want to create and what we think we “should” create can get confused, as they did for Murray.

However, he persevered through the skill-building and framework-creating coaching process. He practiced, learned, and peeled away the onion skins of ideals and false desires.

His entrepreneur success story is about how he figured out how to shut off the “shoulds,” articulate what truly mattered and create success that others truly savour. [Read more about Murray’s award-winning entrepreneur success story.]

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