Personal And Professional Success Stories

“I feel clear and focused. Energized! Using your Life Design framework, I created a great business, a fit, healthy body, and really solid relationships. I discovered that most of my problems were actually opportunities to change and create.”
J.P.T., Small Business Owner, Calgary, AB

Sarah’s Personal/Professional Life Design Story

In Sarah’s first group coaching session, she listed small, concrete results she wanted to produce: a writing space, a brochure for her freelance communications service, and a circle of friends.

When pushed to stretch for what she most wanted, she crafted a long-term vision of what she wistfully called her “dream cottage.”

A one-story, log, "dream cabin," surrounded by flowers and flowering shrubs. Two 9-pane windows are visible on one side.

Although her vision sounded great to me, others in the group thought her “dream cottage” vision was unrealistic, because Sarah was short on money and living in an expensive part of the country.

I told her that it was good to stretch beyond her current capacity, and that the dream cottage result would be good practice – whether she succeeded in creating it, or not.

So, did Sarah did create what mattered most to her? 

Read more of this fascinating success story. 

Murray’s Story: Discovering What Really Matters; Creating Entreprenurial Success

Two pint glasses of beer with white foam on top and condensation on the outside

Murray hated his job, and wanted to do something that deeply mattered to him

But, he was confused about what he really wanted to create and what he thought he should create.

His success story is about how he figured out how to shut off the “shoulds,” articulate what truly mattered, and create success that he and others truly savour.

Read more about Murray’s award-winning entrepreneurial success story.

Ed’s Story: Uncovering the Structure of Success

Graphic of two word clouds in the shape of a smiling face and a frowning face. The key word for the sibling face is "valuable". For the growing face, "worthless."

Early in our coaching process, I helped Ed craft a vision of the kind and quality of life and work he wanted to create.

But he wasn’t happy with it. “Something,” he said, “was missing.”

What Ed could not see was that he’d unconsciously set up a structure—an organizing framework—in which some of his values and beliefs conflicted with each other.

This unseen structure prevented him from bringing his vision(s) into being. His success story explains how he learned to set up a structure that enabled him to integrate his beliefs, and create the results he envisioned. Read more about how Ed did it.

Linda’s Story: Overcoming Adversity; Creating Real Success

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