My Story

Personal Life coach

My first client was Sharon Wood, 1st N. American woman to summit Mount Everest, in 1986. I helped her reinvent herself as a motivational speaker.

As an Associate of the Action Studies Institute, I designed programs for developing generic skills for business and education.

I was an Advanced Instructor for Robert Fritz’s Technologies for Creating program. I contributed briefing notes to Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline Handbook.

I developed a Coach Training Program for Peer Resources in Victoria, BC.

I’ve helped numerous coaches set up and implement their practices.


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I consulted, coached, designed programs, and facilitated training for: ALCAN, Motorola, Ciba-Geigy, Scotia-McLeod, Banff Centre, Open Learning Agency of BC, Mount Royal College, Sierra Club, BC, and numerous other businesses and organizations.

Executive and Professional Challenge Programs

I helped start the Banff School of Environment and was a Faculty member in the Environmental Decision-Making for Managers program.

I was the founding Director of Yamnuska Mountain School, transforming it from a money-losing YMCA program into a profitable, world-class Mountain Leadership school.

I developed an Executive Retreat Program for One Step Beyond Worldwide, in the Canadian Rockies.

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As well as writing Articles, my Simply Success Newsletter and my Create What Matters Most blog, I’m the author of these books and ebooks.


Although I work with clients from all walks of life, writers, artists and other creatives find my coaching approach particularly useful.

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Finding Purpose and Creating Meaning:

How I came to develop my coaching approach

Books by Bruce Elkin

Thrive! Creating what matters most, by Bruce Elkin.
Simplicity and Success, by Bruce Elkin.
Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.
Creating Sustainable Success, by Bruce Elkin.
The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.