Simplicity & Success

“Voluntary simplicity means singleness of purpose, sincerity, and honesty within, as well as avoidance of exterior clutter . . . an ordering and guiding of energy and our desires . . . a deliberate organization of life for a purpose.”

Richard Gregg, “Voluntary Simplicity”

This highly reviewed self coaching book can help you create a simple and successful minimalist life.

Its clearly outlined skills, illustrative stories and simple yet powerful organizing framework can help you simplify both life and work, and create what matters most to you.

It can help you minimize stuff and maximize well being.

It can help you slow down, and reflect on how you most want to live. 

“Bruce’s approach to integrating simple living and success is exciting and challenging. His life changing book helps you discover what you love and create a life that shows it.”

Wanda Urbanska, PBS Host for ‘Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska’

“Bruce Elkin does a great job showing that voluntary simplicity doesn’t mean doing without – rather, simple living is about fine-tuning your life to achieve your most important dreams.”

 Janet Luhrs, The Simple Living Guide, Seattle, WA

Simple living is about deliberately organizing your life around purpose and values. 

Minimizing and living simply are elegant ways to create success that matters — and honour the natural systems on which all all health, wealth and well being depend.

“A fine book. And an excellent tool to identify values and create a life worth living. Highly Recommended!”

David Heitmiller, Author of Getting A Life (Follow up book to Your Money or Your Life)

Bruce Elkin, an acclaimed personal coach and simplicity-focused success coach, is a 30-year practitioner of voluntary simplicity (focused minimalism).

Driven by vision, grounded in reality, and focused on results, his book and coaching approach go beyond mere decluttering.

They help you envision what you truly want to create when the clutter is gone.

“I found your book through a friend, and I think it might actually be the most important book that I’ve read in my whole life. And I’ve read hundreds of success, self-help, motivation, minimalism and business books. Yours is the most useful I’ve read!”

Aaron Guner, Entrepreneur, Turkey
A 3-D photo of the book Simplicity and Success, by Bruce Elkin. It is standing on a table, throwing a shadow. As well as the title, there is a photo of a peace pond at sunset.

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“Find something you really care about, and live a life that shows it.” — Kate Wolf, Singer Songwriter

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