Writing provides me passion, purpose, and meaning

A man sits on a hillside looking across a cloud filled valley at mountain ranges partly lit by a rising sun—contemplating simplicity and success

My books

  • Simplicity and Success
  • Thrive! Create What Matters Most — In Challenging Times And Beyond
  • The ABCs of Emotional Mastery: Manage Moods, Build Resilience, Create Results
  • Emotional Mastery: Manage Your Moods and Create Results — With Whatever Life Gives You
  • Creating Sustainable Success


The Making of A Free Lance Educator, Coach, and Writer


How I fought the system, lost, lost again, then created my own damn system

I’ve been working on my memoir, Maverick, and will be releasing it in chapters. Soon you will be able to join my Patreon and get my chapters by free or paid subscription.