I was an emotional wreck when I started with Bruce. But with his help and new emotional mastery skills, I changed how I talked to myself, got past my roadblocks, and learned how to create results I’d only dreamed about.

Sally Czynowski, Vancouver, BC

Manage Your Moods, Ease Stress, Create Desired Results

Most of my clients come to me seeking help to clarifying what matters, create clear, compelling visions of desired results, and develop an organizing framework and skills that turns visions into reality.

However, even folks with clear visions can misrepresent or ignore reality—and feeling down, depressed, frustrated, overwhelmed and other negative states.

Unclear about their starting point, their actions fail to produce desired results.

Vision not grounded in objective reality is rarely realized.

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Negative Emotions Are Barriers To Effective Action

For example, some clients who craft a great vision of a desired result, sometimes say things a such as, “I can’t do that.” “I can’t afford it.” “I can’t find the time…”

When they do, they feel down, defeated, and often intone, “What if can’t ever do it.”

Then they feel worse, lose interest and energy, and are likely to shelve the project.

However, when they say, “I can’t do that yet,” they feel energized, ready to act. To try again. To try something different. To get more information, develop more skill. Practice.

I’d get so tangled up in negative thoughts and stories I couldn’t think clearly, or act on my dreams beyond work. But using the ABCs, I untangled my thoughts, applied the Life Design Framework, and began creating results that really mattered to me.

Dr. D.R. Denson, Portland, OR


The way you talk to yourself—the words, sentences and stories you use—can make the difference between feeling down and depressed, and feeling up, energized, and determined to succeed.

Negative self-talk leads to negative moods and emotions, and low performance levels.

Realistically positive self-talk energizes you and leads to desired results.

This is not “positive thinking,” or even “affirmation.”

It is clear, empowering thinking, based on realistically positive self talk.

Change Your Story; Change Your Life, Work, Relationships!

I teach clients how to identify self-defeating self talk, dispute it, and substitute realistically positive thoughts, beliefs and stories in its place.

I tell them, don’t tell yourself negative “poor me” stories. Tell yourself stories that objectively describe your current reality, just as it is. No judgments!

Holding in mind a clear vision and an objective description of current reality sets up a dynamic organizing framework for action.

It’s like a “container for creating”—a possibility space—in which intuition and rational thinking integrate, and actions flow toward desired results.

“I was feeling helpless and hopeless. Bruce showed me how to change my thinking, manage my moods and feel good about myself. I dropped my victim story for a success story and changed careers. I am happy, very happy, now.”
— Susan Genvieve, Seattle, WA
Ex-Retail Manager Who Became A Happy Fitness Trainer


  • Build resilience, and strengthen your response to adversity
The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.
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  • Create results with less stress and strain
  • Increase “grit,” i.e. passion and perseverance in the face of difficulties
  • Stay strong and focused in challenging times — and beyond
  • Empower you to bounce back from setbacks
  • See failure as feedback, and learn from it
  • Feel free, focused, energized and alive

Doing so won’t instantly transform life into a bowl of cherries.

But it will greatly up your chances of creating what most deeply matters to you.

“Bruce’s emotional mastery coaching takes work, but it’s worth it. I’m no longer anxious when relating to customers or management. And way more comfortable in social settings. The more I practice, the more relaxed and emotionally stable I become.”
— Billie Jamieson, Sales Consultant, Edmonton, AB

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