Emotional Mastery Coaching – Adversity Quotient (AQ)®

Emotional Mastery Coaching And Resilience Coaching

The best way to enhance emotional intelligence, increase your adversity quotient and build resilience!

I was the first Canadian — and one of the first anywhere — certified by Paul Stolz and Peak Learning to offer AQ (Adversity Quotient) assements. Although this service is no longer available to individuals, I have incorporated the AQ approach into my Emotional Mastery Coaching.

Companies and organizations can access AQ assessments through Peak Learning.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. 
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

Tao Te Ching

When Facing Adversity Do You Lack Emotional Resilience?

Do your moods get in the way of effective action?

Do setbacks, mistakes and failure knock you off course and sap your energy?

Do you ever feel that doing well is stressful, tiring and even overwhelming?

Do you feel down, depressed, uptight or anxious?

Do you lack emotional resilience? Facing set backs and adversity, are you unable to manage your moods, and create what matters to you?

If so, please consider my Emotional Mastery Coaching – on its own, or as part of my Personal Life Coaching Package.

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What Can I Get From Emotional Mastery Coaching ?

Strengthen your response to adversity in all areas of life, work and relationships.

Strengthen your response to adversity in all areas of life, work and relationships.

Be more successful with less stress and strain,

Increase AQ and emotional resilience.

Enhance creativity, drive, and perseverance, ie. “grit!”

Stay strong and focused through adversity and challenging times.

Bounce back quickly from setbacks. See failure merely as feedback.

Feel freer, energetic, alive, full of vitality and focused in all you do!

“I was feeling hopeless when I started Emotional Mastery Coaching. Bruce showed me how to change my thinking, manage my moods and feel good about myself. I dropped my victim story for a success story and changed careers. And I am happy, very happy, now.”

Susan Genvieve, Seattle, WA, A Sad Ex-Retail Manager Who Became A Happy Fitness Trainer

FREE Ebook: Manage Your Moods And Create What Matters!

Emotional mastery self-coaching helps you create what matters – with whatever life or work throws at you.

Change your moods by changing your thoughts and stories.

No more “poor me” victim stories. Shift to confident stories of challenge and success.

Build resilience and improve your AQ – your ability to bounce back quickly from adversity, setbacks and change.

Increase Your Adversity Quotient!
Download your FREE copy of The ABCs of Emotional Mastery now!

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“I was stressed and depressed. My doctor recommended Emotional Mastery coaching. I bundled it with a Personal Coaching Package, and got great results. I’m more relaxed, confident and way more organized and productive. Depression gone!”

Ziff C., Financial Advisor, Calgary AB

Personal Life Coaching To Build Resilience and Increase AQ

Adversity Quotient (AQ)® is a global predictor of individual, team and organizational resilience and success. It is a scientific measure your personal and team resilience-how you habitually respond to and deal with adversity.

AQ is based on the groundbreaking adversity and resilience research of Dr. Paul Stoltz, author of Adversity Quotient I was the first Canadian licenced by Paul to offer this work.

I was one of the first coaches to offer AQ Assements. Although this service is no longer avaliable from Peak Learning, I continue to use the AQ approach in my emotional mastery coaching. It’s an excellent approach for helping clients objectively assess how they react to problems, events and difficulties.

“Adversity Quotient will show that you have more control over events than you think. The key is changing beliefs. Believe it or not, that can usually be done in One Minute.”

 Ken Blanchard, The One Minute Manager

Adversity Quotient and Resilience-Building At Work

The CORE Skills

The key resilience-building skills are:

Control: the amount of control you perceive you have over adverse events and their effects,

Ownership: the extent to which you own and take responsibility for the outcomes of adversity and your responses to it,

Reach: the degree to which you let adversity reach into other areas of your life,

Endurance: how long you perceive the adversity will last or endure.

A skill assessment can show you where you are resilient and where you’re not. It explains why you might stall, compromise, or give up when things get difficult.

“Bruce’s emotional mastery coaching takes work, but it’s worth it. I’m no longer anxious when I’m relating to customers. The more I practice, the more relaxed and emotionally stable I get.”

Billie Jamieson, Sales Consultant, Vancouver BC

For more information about my Emotional Mastery Coaching and Emotional Resilience Coaching, please take a look at my Emotional Mastery e-book.

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