What Is The Life Design Framework?

“Your life design program is the most powerful and practical self-help program I’ve ever taken part in. I learned to rise above problems, and simplify and enrich my process and results. Success!”

A. D. Fleur, Freelance Writer, Nashville , TN

Many people try to create results by “visualizing” them. “Hold the vision,” has become almost a slogan in some parts. Other people believe “Just do it!” will get results. Or “try it, fix it, do it.”

However, to create desired results, you need both vision and action. And they must be connected within an organizing framework—a structure for success—in which they are grounded in “current reality,” i.e. where you are and what you have to work with.

The Life Design Framework integrates vision, reality and action. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It generates more energy than individual parts on their own.

Such an organizing structure is key, because it determines the direction in which your energy and action flow.

Think water in a creek following the underlying structure of the creek bed.

It also provides you a flexible planning framework that guides your actions from where you are to where you most want to be.

Vision, Reality and Focused Action

In the Life Design framework, clear, compelling visions of desired results drive your actions—not problems or issues.

The Life Design Framework

When you hold vision and reality in mind, simultaneously, you set up a useful, Creative Tension that generates energy—a tendency to move.

You also set up a container for creating—a “possibility space”—in which to experiment, explore, discover, and integrate both rational and intuitive thinking.

You start by creating small successes, which become the building blocks of larger successes, which in turn become the building blocks of successful created final results. You learn from your experiences, and move from where you are to where you most want to be

I attended one of Bruce’s workshops to support a friend, although I did not think it would be helpful to me. But, when it was over, I realized “this IS how I create art, intuitively. And having the ideas and framework he coaches people in could help me, too. After 16 weeks of focused coaching, my days are easier and more relaxing. And my sales are up!

L.M Gerber, Artist, Alberta, Canada

Creative Tension Energizes Your Actions

Creative Tension complements the energy of motivation. It also leads to momentum, giving you three solid sources of energy for action.

Most important, it enables you to act, even when motivation fades or fails.

At those times when you just don’t feel like it, creative tension gets you off the couch and into action, enabling and empowering you to follow through to completed results.

Successful creators draw on all three sources of energy to create results that matter.

“I was down and dragging when I started with Bruce. Now, 12 weeks later, things just seem to happen. I flow from task to task. Most important the results I’m creating now are ones that have always been important to me but I didn’t know how to approach them before. Using the organizing framework, I changed that. I’m so happy and excited by all this work.”

– A. H., Banking Consultant, Zurich, Switzerland

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