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“Your life design program is the most powerful and practical self-help program I’ve ever taken part in. I learned to rise above problems, and simplify and enrich my process and results. Success!”

A. D. Fleur, Freelance Writer, Nashville , TN

The Life Design Framework

This framework is driven by clear compelling visions of your desired results.

The Life Design Framework

It is grounded in objective, emotionally neutral descriptions of your current reality, relative to your desired result.

When you hold vision and reality in mind, simultaneously you set up a useful, Creative Tension (a tendency) to move.

Creative Tension complements motivation, and is key when motivation fails—and you just don’t feel like it—and momentum has not yet begun working for you.

The framework focuses your rational and intuitive thinking on action that leads to results—independent of what you start with.

Successfully completing results that matter generates the personal competence, authentic confidence and commitment needed to stretch for your deepest dreams and highest aspirations.

“I was down and dragging when I started with Bruce. Now, 12 weeks later,
things just seem to happen. I flow from task to task with. Most important the
results I’m creating now are ones that have always been important to me but I didn’t know how to approach them before. Using the organizing framework, I changed that. I’m so happy and excited by all this.”

– A. H., Banking Consultant, Zurich, Switzerland

Organizing Life, Work, Whatever…

Organizing Life and Work

NOTE: Using the Life Design Framework, the lawyer in the video created a series of ever-more challenging results, culminating in leaving law, and creating her own adventure-based, personal growth program for women—and a thriving personal coaching program of her own.

For a deeper look into the role of structure in creating results, go here.

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