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“Bruce’s understanding of what it takes to break free from old patterns and move forward surpasses other “coaches” I’ve had. His simple yet practical recipe for both simplicity and success motivates me daily and keeps me on track.”

Lisa Cherry, Writer, Editor, Stories From The Yogic Heart

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Why Many Fail To Create The Life They Long For

Writers don’t fail to create a writing life because they lack ideas or talent. They don’t lack courage, or willpower or intention. They’re not lazy.

Writers fail because they lack a tried-and-true system — a structure — for creating the life they want, regardless of the circumstances they face.

Without a structured framework to work within, they can easily lose focus, energy and motivation. They drift.

Working within such a framework — with a supportive writing coach— it is easier to write — and to craft a longed-for writing life.

“When Bruce first talked about “structure,” I cringed. I didn’t want to force myself into a mold. But, no! He meant a framework to organize my actions so I consistently moved toward the results I wanted to create. Using the “creating structure,” I became a better writer and am creating myself a focused and rewarding writing life. I now truly feel like a writer. And I’m getting paid!”

S.D. Ciscneros, Victoria, BC

Skills, Structure and Support For Organizing Your Life Around Your Art

I help you develop a simple yet powerful structure for creating almost anything — an organizing framework that makes complex tasks simpler and easier.

Driven by vision, rooted in reality and focused on results, this “creating structure” energizes, guides and focuses your efforts. It enables you to do more with less.

Mastering this approach empowers you to create almost any results — in spite of problems, setbacks and rejection.

Having a personal coach for support greatly increases your chances of success.

“Bruce is one of the most effective coaches I’ve worked with. In his ebook THRIVE! he gets you excited about pursuing things that truly matter to you even under adverse conditions — and shows you the skills and structure that will get you there. I found myself nodding my head in agreement as I read and thinking, “This makes so much sense.”

Josh Dorfman, Author, TV Host, The Lazy Environmentalist

Want To Create A Rewarding Writing Life?

Free info package and coaching chat: 
E-mail me with “Writing Life” as subject.

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