Life Design For Writers And Creatives

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Design Your Life To Support Your Passion

Bruce’s understanding of what it takes to break free of old patterns and move forward surpasses other “coaches” I’ve had. His simple, practical approach creating both simplicity and success motivates me daily, and keeps me on track toward the results I most care about.

Lisa Cherry; Writer, Editor

Why Many Fail To Create The Results They Long For

Writers and other creatives don’t usually fail because they lack ideas or talent. Or courage, willpower, intention. Not even because they procrastinate.

They fail because they lack a tried-and-true structurean organizing framework—in which they set up their life to support their passion, and ensure that it flourishes, regardless of circumstances and adversity .

If you change your structure, you’ll change your results!

“When Bruce first talked about “structure,” I cringed. I didn’t want to force myself into a mold. But, no! He meant a framework to organize my actions so I consistently moved toward the results I wanted to bring into being. Using the “creating framework,” I became a better photographer and created a focused, rewarding life that supports my art. And getting paid!”

S.D. Jonnes, Photographer, Victoria, BC
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Life Design: Skills, Structure, Support For Success

As your life design coach, I can help you develop a set of Life/Work Design skills, and an organizing framework for creating almost anything.

I help you apply them to bringing into being results you long to create, but can’t, yet..

My Life Design Framework can help you simplify complex ventures and tasks. It can help you focus actions on results that matter. It can help you map out successful strategies and actions for completing those results—with whatever you have to work with.

Having the support of an experienced life design coach can help you produce better results, faster, and with less stress and distress—greatly upping your chance of success.

“Bruce is one of the most effective coaches I’ve worked with. He gets you excited about pursuing things that matter to you even under adverse conditions — and shows you the skills and structure that will get you there. I found myself nodding my head in agreement thinking, “This makes so much sense.”

Josh Dorfman, Author, TV Host, The Lazy Environmentalist