Personal Life Coaching Programs – Beyond the Basics!

Learning is cumulative. The first 80 percent of your effort will only generate 20 percent of your results.

But, put in enough time and effort, and the last 20 percent will generate 80 percent of your results.

Contrary to common usage, the flat part of a learning curve is difficult. It’s where you slog without seeing many results.

The steep part is where results flow fast and easily.

The key to success is to stay on the curve long enough to reap the reward of your practice and learning.

Research shows that it takes at least 20 — 24 weeks of deliberative practice to create the strong neuro-pathways that comprise a new habit – a new way of thinking and acting.

The clients who produce the best and most lasting results are those who work with me – and practice consistently – for at least 20 weeks.

On first thought, this may seem excessive and expensive. But if you think about learning any skill-based activity – skiing, playing the cello, dancing the tango – they all take at least this much time to master and to develop fluency in. And more to develop expertise!

For this reason, I offer these Level 2 and Level 3 programs. Some clients make their decision to continue after completing the basic level. Others make a commitment to themselves and to mastery by enrolling in a combined Basic, Level 2 and Level Program. Special pricing is availble for this program.

“I so look forward to my monthly check-ins with Bruce. Having a coach to bounce ideas and questions off is invaluable to me, and my work. And, in between, if I have a question, I can count on a quick email reply. This extended program has made my life and work – and my relationship – much improved. Worth every penny!”

Sarah Cicero, Engineer/Entrepreneur, Victoria BC

Level 2: Deep Change – Coaching for Mastery and Meaning

In anything, the more you practice, the more skill you develop and the better results you produce. One of the primary values of working with a coach is that s/he encouranges practice, and makes it fun and easier to do.

This second set of eight personal success coaching sessions is more customized and focuses on four things:

Continued practice to embody the creating skills and framework, and make them your “go to” and habit you stretch for larger, more complex results;

A deeper analysis of your self-talk. Clarifying your explanatory style and habitual ways of responding to setbacks and adversity makes it easier to rise above adversity and create desired results;

Uncovering the patterns and structures that work for you, and those that prevent you from creating results that matter. Doing the right thing in the wrong structure wastes energy and can be very frustrating.

Clarifying and articulating your purpose in life and creating an overarching vision for life/work success.

Together, as client and coach, we explore how you arrange — or structure — your dreams, desires, values, aspirations, beliefs, fears, doubts, and day to day reality itself. This structure is a critical part of your success, or lack thereof.

The Importance Of Patterns and Structure

Most people’s inability to produce desired results is NOT due to personal failings. It is due to dysfunctional life structures that underly and give rise to ineffective patterns of choice and action, and poor results.

To make deep and lasting change in behavior, I help you identify any dysfunctional patterns of behavior — and the structures that give rise to them — and create new structures that support the results you want to create.

I help you discover simple yet powerful patterns such as the “Yeah, but…,” pattern, and deeper “structural conflicts,” in which two values or desires compete, or desire and fear cancel each other.

Most important, as your personal life coach, I help you get beyond those dysfunctional patterns and behavior. I help you shift your choices and action into structures such as a “Yes, and…” structure. This and other more effective structures ensure that your actions consistently support your dreams, desires and results that matter.

Finally, a critical job of a personal success coach is to help you commit to the results you want to create and to practice the life design structure and creating skills until you can easily and consistently create what matters most to you – with whatever circumstances you have to work with.

“I’m so happy I went through the deep change process with you. It was illuminating and empowering to recognize the dysfunctional patterns that kept me oscillating back and forth, instead of moving toward what mattered to me. Now, working in the new life design structure you taught me, I can do much more with much less effort and expense. Your personal success coaching really works.”

B. O’Hanlon, Seatte , WA

Level 3: Sustaining Success – Coaching That Builds Technique to Burn!

Many of my personal life coaching clients find their coach’s greatest value lies in maintaining support until they develop “technique to burn.”

Technique to burn means mastering and extending the skills of creating results and life design through on-going daily practice. It continues until you decide that you have the capacity to deal with even the most challenging situations from a creating stance – quickly, easily, and effectively.

When you have technique to burn, you can improvise. You can experiment, invent, and create results without excessive deliberation. Intuition and rational thought integrate and work together to generate outstanding results.

With the help of your personal success coach, creating becomes your primary or default process for producing results. Creating what matters most becomes easy, flowing, and organic.

The structure, timing, and cost of this program is determined in consultation with each individual client.

“I never thought I’d be working with a personal success coach for nearly a year. However, it has been the best investment in my self and my own business that I’ve ever made. My vision of what’s possible for me is continually expanding, and my capacity to create what I envision is beyond what I ever thought I could do. Thank you!”

E.S. Taylor, Businessman, Calgary AB

If a combination Extended Professional Success Coaching or Personal Life Coaching Program appeals to you, call or email and we can tailor-make a program that meets your needs and desires.

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