Everything we do is guided by the underlying structure that guides our energy and results.

Just like water flowing in a stream, or electricity in wires follow the path of least, our lives follow a path set up by our underlying structure.

Often, to change our results, we need to first change the structure that guides our actions.

The oft-heard “Yeah, but..” reaction is an example of a simple but results-killing structure

The “yeah” generates energy for action then the “but” negates that energy, preventing action.

My coaching framework is a “Yes, AND… structure that generates energy and leads to results.

Graphic titled The Framework Of Creating. Shows the word Vision at the top, Current Reality at the bottom. And a list of Actions in between Vision and Reality.

Working within it, we can more easily identify other dysfunctional “structural conflicts.”

Structural conflicts occur when two desires or beliefs compete.

Life vs work. Time vs Money. I can do it vs I can’t do it.…

If you’re trying to take action in such structures, life can feel like living on a kid’s teeter-totter.

Graphic showing the seesaw nature of time vs money. A hand is drawing on a glass screen

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The Tyranny of Oscillating Structures

In oscillating structures such as “life vs work” or “time vs money” or “simplicity vs success,” the path of least resistance is such that you move first toward one desire, and then back toward the other desire.

Precious time, resources and energy are wasted.

Here’s an example from a client who sought both material success and a simple, environmentally responsible lifestyle:

In this structure, the path of least resistance follows the arrows. In this kind of structure, it easy to feel frustrated, suck, even trapped. Or, worse, that something’s wrong with you.

But it’s not you; it’s your structure

Integration Is Key To Success

Balance is a mechanical concept, but life, work and relationships are too complex and dynamic to balance.

Mastery of the creating framework, enables you to integrate divergent desires, so your most important result is supported by lesser results.

Organize work to support your life. Or organize your life to support work. Both work.
Organize simplicity to support success. Or organize success to support simplicity.

I can help you identify and rise above dysfunctional patterns of behaviour — and structures that give rise to them — and create new structures that constantly support the results you want to create.

Most important, as your personal coach, I can help you shift your choices and action into effective life/work structures to ensure they consistently support your dreams and desires .

FREE COACHING INFO PACKAGE: Email me with “Structure” as subject.


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