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Personal life coaching, success coaching, and life design speeches, workshops and retreats for creating what matters most in life, work, and business.

Speeches, Workshops & Training Programs to Enhance Personal Life Coaching and Life Design

While most of my personal success coaching work is helping individual clients create what matters most in their lives and work, I also offer keynote speeches, briefings, uplifting talks, and seminars for meetings and conferences.

As well, I offer life design workshops and training programs for the public, groups and organizations.

I also host life design retreats in relaxing natural settings for people wanting to create both simplicity and success in their lives and work.

All of these personal life coaching and life design services can be customized to meet your unique needs and situations.

My Primary Talks, Workshops, And Training Topics

  • Life Design: Crafting Effective Lives and Work – An overview of the life design process, and the skills and structures for creating what matters most in life, work, and relationships-in spite of problems, circumstances, and adversity.
  • Simplicity and Success: Creating the Life You Long For – A more focused life design workshop focused on creating simple yet rich, full, and fulfilling lives, work and relationships. Based on my book of the same name.
  • Creating What Matters Most : An easily customized workshop for developing the capacity to create almost any results you care about-alone and in groups.

These programs use the same life design skills and framework I use in my personal life coaching and personal success coaching programs. Participants in these workshops often follow-up with my Deep Change and Technique to Burn life and success coaching programs.

For details of each topic, please scroll down, or click on a title above.

Life Design: Crafting Effective Lives and Work

What To Do When You Can’t “Find” Your Vision or Purpose in Life

This inspiring keynote speech can be expanded into a seminar or workshop. It provides participants with an overview of the creating-based life design process and how to apply it to their own lives and work.

Outlining the limits of problem solving as a life design strategy , it shows why creating what matters most is a more effective way to organize and invent your life and work.

This talk describes the key life design skills and organizing structures for creating what matters most- in spite of problems, obstacles, and adversity.

Most important, it explains why many cannot “find” or “discover” their calling or purpose in life. And how true life purpose emerges out of the process of creating the specific results you most want to create.

Life Design also describes dysfunctional patterns and structures that keep us stuck in a problem-focused stance. In “yeah, but.” structures, for example, the “but” negates the “yeah”, and you go nowhere.

Most important, Life Design tells you how to transcend such patterns in favour of those that lead us to what matters most to us and support our true purpose in life. “In a “yeah, and.” structure, the tendency is toward action.

Simplicity and Success: (Keynote or Workshop)

A life design approach to creating a simple, yet rich and fulfilling, life.

“Attending this workshop was very productive and enjoyable for me. I learned a great deal about life design and creating results. It truly opened my eyes, showed my what voluntary simplicity really is, and helped me make my life more purpose driven”

B. Anderson, Vancouver, BC

People long for lives that embody both simplicity and success. However, by defining simplicity as a solution to “problems” such as stress and complexity, many life-creation gurus point people toward relief, not results.

Based on the highly acclaimed book Simplicity and Success: Creating the Life You Long For, this workshop will show you how to achieve a rich and simple life. By showing you how to shift your life design focus from solving problems to creating result, it will help you create what matters most to you in life, work, and relationships.

As well as clarify what matters, it will help you clarify where you are now, and what you have to work. With a focus on what already works, the life design framework helps you organize choices and decisions so they support the results you most want to create.

During Simplicity and Success, you will:

  • Recognize the limits of problem solving as an organizing strategy,
  • Develop basic life design skills to create what matters most – independent of problems, circumstances, and adversity,
  • Reflect on your personal vision and purpose in life, and develop techniques to integrate and align purpose, vision, values, and action,
  • Learn to integrate conflicting values within a life design framework that transcends conflict, and consistently leads to success you define,
  • Accept problems and complexity as the raw material of creating-the basic givens of life.
  • Embrace and transcend life’s givens as you create desired results,
  • Understand the difference between the simplicity on this side of complexity and the simplicity on the other side of complexity
  • Align all aspects of your life -career, family, relationships, mind, body, spirit, and soul – with who you truly are and how you most want to live.

“Your workshop helped me step back and figure out what matters most to me. I overcame my fears of simple living, and started taking small steps toward my dreams. Using the skills and life design framework I learned, I have created a successful business, a wonderful relationship, and a whole new confidence in my ability to create what matters most. Thank you!”

C. Seversen, Seattle, WA

Simplicity and Success is not just for hard core simplicity seekers . It’s also for the rest of us -downshifters, cultural creatives, frustrated boomers, and members of Generations X, Y, and Next-who yearn for a simpler, yet rich, vision driven life but do not know how to create it.

Most important, you will learn how to sustain results in spite of problems and other adversity. Developing such resiliency ensures the rich, focused, and successful simplicity you create becomes an enduring way of life.

Simplicity and Success Retreats

Relax, refresh, and reinvent yourself in beautiful, soothing natural settings.

Simplicity and Success Retreats cover the same purpose driven simple living skills and success strategies as the workshop.

However, to provide increased time for reflection and deep change, they are spread over a longer period, usually 3 to 5 days, sometimes as long as 7 days.

Although the inputs are similar, the pace and flow of a Simplicity and Success retreat is slower, deeper, and more personal than a workshop.

There is time to read, enjoy nature, share with others, and reflect on your purpose in life and your vision of how you want to live and work.

During retreats, you practice creating projects to help you master the basic skills and practice of your own life design process.

You take time to reflect on how living simply can help create what matters.

You craft effective visions of the specific results you want to create – in life, work, and relationships.

You assess current reality objectively, without undue emotion.

You align choices and actions so they support what matters most.

You are encouraged to reflect on your relationship with the natural world , and with the life processes that underlie all health, wealth and well being.

Above all, a retreat is a time-out: a time to relax, recharge, and reinvent yourself . It’s an opportunity to shift your stance toward life and work.

You come away filled with hope, energy, and vitality. You are energized, and equipped with new skills to create what matters most to you. You feel free, alive!

Creating What Matter Most (Keynote or Workshop)

Developing A Capacity to Create What Matters Most – Alone and In Groups

This talk or workshop is highly adaptable. It is an excellent introduction to the design and creating process for individuals and couples.

It can also be customized as a design-based planning or team-building workshop for professional or team development in businesses and organizations.

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful seminar. I highly recommend Mr. Elkin’s presentation to my peers and sincerely hope he is invited back for a repeat of his exhilarating workshop. “He provides great inspiration and by the end of the afternoon l felt totally electric about my vision of what my future holds “

 L. Remigi, Mt. Royal College, Calgary, AB

Creating What Matters Most helps you expand your capacity to create almost any results you truly want – in spite of problems, obstacles or adversity.

It helps you develop “personal mastery,” which can stand alone, or provide a basis for team and organizational mastery.

It is about approaching life and work, not as an endless struggle to solve problems and get rid of what you don’t like and don’t want. Rather, it frames life and work as opportunities to create what you truly do want.

Creating What Matters Most can help you:

  • Clarify individual and/or group purpose and direction.
  • Craft clear, compelling visions for your own life, and co-create shared visions of results together with others.
  • Organize decisions and actions so you move toward what you most want.
  • Plan life, career, business or organizational steps with effectiveness, elegance, and staying power.
  • Take on challenges – individually and in groups-without excessive risk; make long overdue changes with ease and effectiveness.
  • Evaluate and adjust results so they build momentum toward greater results.
  • Follow through and finish what you start – with excellence and pride.
  • Enjoy both the process of creating and the results you create.

Workshop participants have used the skills to create small and home based businesses, design new homes, plan new products and services, craft excellent relationships, become full time artists, produce feature length films, organize retirements and sabbaticals, make job changes, deal with transitions, write and publish books, and generally become the persons they most want to be.

Living and working from a life design stance enables individuals and groups to do more with less. Creating helps you produce high quality results with increased ease, less stress and strain, and so those results are easier to sustain over time. Any results!

I have also had great success with this workshop as the first step in a strategic design and planning process for executive, senior management, and partnership teams in organizations and businesses. It can also be tailored for teams of key staff in small and medium start-ups, and non-for-profit organizations.

 For information on my corporate and organizational Strategic Design/Strategic Planning approach, please click here.