Sharon Wood, the first person to call me “Coach,” showed commitment on Mount Everest, by becoming the first North American woman to summit—and by a new route on the Tibetan side.

Sharon On Everest Summit

“Bruce’s coaching helped me navigate 25 years of a life I dared long for. His voice, insight and wisdom are part of the inner everyday language I used to climb Mount Everest, raise kids, pioneer a school, deliver over a thousand presentations, and take on courageous adventures.”

Sharon Wood, Climber, Guide, Mother, Motivational Speaker


Mountaineer W.H. Murray summed up the importance of commitment — in climbing and everyday life — in his account of the 1950 Scottish Himalayan Expedition, in The Story of Everest.*

The Himalayan, snow and ice covered massif of Ama Dablam dominates the frame. Clouds swirl around its ridges, with blue sky behind. In the bottom right corner a silouetted man with hands on hips stands on a nearby ridge, looking out at the spectacular peak.
*Murray’s passage is sometimes portrayed as the “Commitment Poem,” and wrongly attributed to Goethe.


“There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.”

Kenneth H. Blanchard, Leadership Author

Commitment is not only the stuff of climbers or adventurers. It is key to everyday success.

Most people don’t fail because they lack will or motivation.

They fail because they lack an organizing framework to energize and guide their actions—even when interest flags or motivation fails.

My results-focused Life Design Framework can energize you, help you make good choices —and commit to following through on them to success.

“I was afraid to commit. I dabbled, but never jumped in fully—fearing I’d miss other opportunities. Coaching helped me change. As I acted on my choices, my competence and confidence grew. I got clearer about what I wanted. I set up a landscaping business. I married my sweetie of many years. And I’m gonna be a Dad. Bam! Never been happier. Oh, yeah, I got a boat!

S.R. Kaleff, Vancouver, BC
Sail boat with sails up, silhouetted  against an orangey-gold strip of sunshine reflected off bands of dark-grey purplish clouds. Evokes a feeling of "heading out."
Heading Out

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