Summary Of Professional Experience

Owner, Bruce Elkin Coaching. Life Design coaching focused on helping people create what matters most—in life, work, business, health and relationships—with whatever they have to start with.

Founder of Summit Strategies, an organizational development firm specializing in strategic design and planning, and follow-up coaching to help clients follow through to completed, high-level results.  

• Developed and ran Coach Training Programs for Peer Resources Institute.

• Nine-year student/associate of Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance, and developer of Structural Dynamics Coaching and Consulting.

• Trained, coached, and consulted with a wide range of participants in, and subsequent to leading Fritz’s Technologies For Creating and Organizational Technologies For Creating workshops. Wrote briefing notes for Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline Fieldbook.

• Principal: Uncommon Sense Coaching and Summit Strategies Consulting: Designed, developed and taught generic skill-based Personal Mastery programs to thousands of individuals and employees. Coached individuals in follow-up programs.

Faculty Associate/Instructor, Professional Development Program, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby


• Nine years post-grad training in Structural Dynamics coaching and consulting with Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance, Creating, and Identity.

• Masters of Education, Faculty of Education, University of Calgary

• Masters of Environmental Design Program, University of Calgary. Completed one year.

• Bachelor of Education with Distinction, University of Alberta, 1969.

• Bachelor of Arts, University of Alberta, 1965.

Relevant Publications

A 3-D photo of the book Simplicity and Success, by Bruce Elkin. It is standing on a table, throwing a shadow. As well as the title, there is a photo of a peace pond at sunset.

Simplicity and Success: Creating the Life You Long For [Trafford, 2003]

THRIVE! Creating What Matters Most In Challenging Times and Beyond, ebook

The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, ebook

• Emotional Mastery: Manage Your Moods and Create What Matters—With Whatever Life Gives You!  Self-published eBook, 2006

• The Individual and The Environment, Journal of Experiential Education, Spring 1982

Science, Self-Education and Personal Competence, Briefing paper for Faculty of Education publication, Simon Fraser University, 1978

• Self-Leadership: Skills and Strategies for Managing Change in Tough Times, Workbook and Briefing paper for Alberta Recreation Leadership program, January, 1986

• More recent writings can be found on my Life Design Coaching blog.

For a more personal history, visit Finding Purpose—A Kind of Mini-Memoir.