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Life Design Coaching Benefits

  • Clarify and envision the specific results that most matter to you
  • Shift your primary focus from solving problems to creating results 
  • Ground each result in accurate, objective description of current reality
  • Use the Life Design Framework to organize your skill, will and resources into actions that consistently lead to your desired results—independent of current reality
  • Feel free, focused and happy with where you are and where you’re headed.

Find out how coaching can help you

Contact me to get a free information package with all the details of how coaching works.


Books by Bruce Elkin

Thrive! Creating what matters most, by Bruce Elkin.
Simplicity and Success, by Bruce Elkin.
Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.
Creating Sustainable Success, by Bruce Elkin.
The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.
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