Organize Your Life To Support Your Passion

“Bruce has gift when it comes to coaching,
but as a writer’s coach he is inspired.”

Ken Wylie, Author of BURIED

Are You

  • Longing for a writing or other creative career, but can’t seem to bring it into being?
  • Having difficulty putting your passion first?
  • Unable, for now, to organize life so it consistently supports your dreams?
  • Working a day job that leaves little energy for creating?
  • Suffering from writer’s block, procrastination, or lack of confidence?
  • Sometimes feel down, depressed, even defeated?

Life Design Coaching Could Help Jumpstart Your Career

Personal Life Coaching Can Help You

  • Shift your approach from problem-solving to creating desired results
  • Create life and work results with whatever you have to start with
  • Manage moods, keep focus, overcome setbacks, and complete projects
  • Rise above doubt, procrastination, and rejection
  • Increase competence (chops) and confidence (trust in your chops)
  • Envision, design, and bring into being what most matters—in your life and work

“Without Bruce’s help, I don’t think I’d have ever got my photography business up and thriving. Before, all my ideas about creating were intuitive But learning about the deeper structure and skills underlying all creative undertakings changed everything

— Cynthia Demistrono, New Orleans, LA, USA
On a grey background, crossed hatched block letters spell CREATE. A hand holding a sharpie is finishing off the last letter.