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Writing has long been a dream of mine. 

But, for much of my life I did what many do about what matters most to them — nothing.

I hoped, wished, wanted and whined about being a writer, but failed to write consistently.

Instead, I focused my energy on other things. Things I thought I “should” do.

Things to earn time and money so, someday, I might be able to write.

Then, one day when I was reviewing a dozen years of yearly Desired Results lists, I noticed that the top result on each page was a different “Bruce’s Trip of The Year” result.

These were important results, and I created many of them. But they weren’t what I most deeply wanted to do and create.

I also noticed that, on every page, Just below that first result was one word: “Writer.”

I immediately moved “Writer/Writing Life” to the top of my Results List — and started working on a memoir, one hour each morning.

Gradually, I shifted my primary focus.

Writing is now my passion work, and coaching, while still important, is secondary. It’s my “day job” and allows me the financial freedom to write,

I’ve now written hundreds of blog posts, dozens of articles and five books and ebooks.

For information about my Writer’s Coach work, please visit Life Design For Writers/Creatives.

Free Coaching Articles and Other Writing

Feel free to use anything that interests you in these writings. 

Send them to friends. Use them in workshops or leadership programs. Hand them out as course materials. If you’re stuck in the woods without kindling, use them to light your fire.

If you copy and use them for other than your own personal use, please acknowledge me and attach this attribution:  Via Personal Life Coach, Bruce Elkin:

Personal Life Coaching, and Success Coaching Articles

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Memoir/Creative Non-Fiction

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