Simplicity and Success: A Life Coaching Book To Help You Create What Matters Most in Life, Work, Relationships and … Whatever!

“A path of voluntary simplicity promotes our intimate involvement with life… Rather than abandoning the world, those choosing a life of voluntary simplicity are pioneering a new civilizing process.”

Duane Elgin, Voluntary Simplicity

“Bruce helped me get over my fear of failure and take small steps toward my dreams. Then the darling convinced me I’d done it on my own. I feel much more competent and confident. My own personal life coaching business is doing well. Bruce is just a wonderful personal life coach.”

B. Darnel, Small Business Owner/Coach, London, England

Reader’s Reviews:

***** Life changing!

Reviewer: M. Fields (Houston, TX USA)

“I loved this book by Bruce Elkin.

“It was really easy to follow and understand. He gives great examples and stories about real people that I could relate to. He includes diagrams to make his concepts even clearer for those of us who are more visual.

“I use many of the things he put in the book and find them incredibly useful.

“I would recommend this book to anyone looking at changing their lives for the better, trying to create what really matters in their lives or going the simplicity route.”

***** Quantum leap in success books

Reviewer: Monika Birkner (Frankfurt, Germany)

“I have been on a journey for discovering the laws of success as long as I can remember. Many good success books have helped me. Simplicity and Success is a special one because it is not focused on problem solving but on creating the life you long for. This requires a totally different approach to life and a totally different set of skills.

“This book, together with being coached by Bruce, helped me take a quantum leap in my life. I am working as a life coach myself and since I am using this approach in my coaching programs my clients also make progress far beyond of what I had experienced previously.

“Bruce Elkin’s book is meanwhile an integral part of my life coaching programs. Each client gets a copy of the book so that they can see the greater picture of the process and can re-read certain chapters whenever they want.

“To make a long story short: Bruce Elkin is a great personal life coach and has written a great success book on simple living and beyond.

**** A simple living book that really matters!

Reviewer: Jack Turner (Olympia, WA)

“This book is assuring in that life can be a “both/and” rather than “either/or.” You can have your cake and eat it oo. And Elkin not only shows you how but also how integrating simple living and success can move your toward the life that you really desire, beginning with where you are right now. It is possible. As a life coach myself, I give this book to my new clients and refer to it often. It is a must read, if you want to simplify your complicated world — and succeed in it!”

***** The simple living book I’ve longed for!

Reviewer: Ulrich Stauder (Germany)

“There are so many methods for increasing quality of life. Bruce has unified these by his all-embracing view of simple living and purpose-focused success. He has created a really simple way which is exciting to follow. He is also motivating to start action and keep momentum by using impressive examples from his own and other persons lives.”

***** A life changing book on voluntary simplicity and success!

Reviewer: Ms. J. Darnell (England)

“I am a voracious and eager reader. I read this book once; I re-read it and re-read it again.

“I can honestly say the content of this book set me on a life changing path. I resonated with so many things Bruce wrote about. One of the most important gifts I gave myself after reading this book was a complimentary life coaching call with the author himself. He was friendly, enthusiastic and helpful with any points in the book, which I needed further clarification on.

“I then booked him as my life coach for some months. Bruce helped me through an extremely difficult period in my life and I refer to his book as my down-to-earth bible because it is! Anyone looking for help with the constant ups and downs of life and wondering why they happen will find this book invaluable. As well, they’ll find plenty of tools to help you create a life full of passion and a life you love.

“Read it and keep this book close it is a little gem.”

**** An elegant vision

Reviewer: Julia Menard (Victoria, BC Canada)

Simplicity and Success is a great guide to creating a successful life through simple living. Many of us in a fast-paced world crave voluntary simplicity-but don’t know how to achieve it. Others chase after the world’s definition of success and find it equally as elusive. Bruce Elkin offers an elegant vision of a rich life based on sustainable values.

“A must-read for thoseof us who care about creating voluntary simplicity and meaningful and moral lives.”

***** This book on simple living and success makes sense

Reviewer: Ginny Huntington

“I have so much respect for Bruce Elkin’s approach to success. This is so different than anything else I have read or tried before. I noticed changes in my life right away , by changing the way I think about success and voluntary simplicity. You can have both! They are not mutually exclusive. I love the whole concept of “creative tension.” This book is easy to read and easy to apply.”

***** A new map of the simple living territory

Reviewer: C. Truax

“What is most exciting about this book,is it tells you how to create the life you want based upon things which are most important to you. Wow, what a concept. To achieve voluntary simplicity, you don’t have to try to fit in, or hang around on the fringes to avoid being gobbled up, compromise, lead a double life, or any of the strategies that I or others I know have tried.

“The basis for leading this “dream life” is to let go of either/or thinking, or problem solving, as it is named in the book. Mr. Elkin guides you through the process of inclusive thinking, goal setting, and honoring your values in a super-concrete manner. I never found myself thinking, yeah, that’s a good idea, but it won’t work.

“Many simple living books or success books are founded on lofty ideals with no practical on-the-ground action steps. Not so with this book. It leaves the ideals to you and leads you through the action steps. Revolutionary! The author has a lot of experience with this process and it shows. The stories and examples are inspirational. Read it. Do it.”

**** Looking at life’s choices

Reviewer: Marita Grasher (Kent, WA, USA)

“In Bruce Elkin’s book, Simplicity and Success, I found very useful and practical information. He writes in an easy to read manner as if he were there in person talking to you. He gives concrete examples of how to apply the success and simple living concepts he is teaching. I especially appreciate how he describes the difference between going through life solving problems vs. having a vision of what it is you want and working toward that vision, “creating the life you long for.” I recommend this book for anyone wanting to figure out the direction or purpose of their life.”

***** Towards simple living and the ‘good life’

Reviewer: Brenda Smith (Kootenays, BC, Canada)

“I’m not fond of self-help books. Generally, they prescribe to me a version of the ‘good life’ and I am contrary and independent enough to need to create my OWN ‘good life’.

“This is, in part, why I appreciate Simplicity and Success -it is not prescriptive . Instead, it pokes and prods the reader to envision results that matter to you, to ground these results in reality, and to convert the consequent tension/momentum into concrete action steps that propel you towards your desired results.

“Digest Simplicity and Success – it can help you integrate simple living and real success and create more of your own ‘good life’ than you ever thought possible.”

Simple Living Experts Praise Simplicity and Success

“I have one thing to say after reading Simplicity and Success. WONDERFUL!”

Eartheasy Magazine

“In Simplicity and Success, Bruce Elkin provides a life-changing framework with which you can dramatically refocus your life on what matters most. Don’t read this book unless you’re prepared to reduce your stress, dump extraneous burdens, and re-energize your life!

Dr. Paul Stoltz, Adversity Quotient

Highly recommended! A fine book by a long-time student of simple living. An excellent tool to identify values and create a life purpose worth living!

David Heitmiller, Getting A Life (The follow up to Your Money or Your Life)

“Bruce’s approach to integrating simplicity and success is exciting and challenging. Outlining a simple yet powerful way to create “the simplicity on the other side of complexity,” he shows you how to discover what you love and create a life that shows it.”

Wanda Urbanska, Host of PBS’s, “Simple Living With Wanda Urbanska”

Bruce Elkin does a great job showing that voluntary simplicity doesn’t mean doing without – rather, simple living is about fine-tuning your life to achieve your most important dreams.

Janet Luhrs,The Simple Living Guide

4 Stars! Bruce Elkin’s new book does a great service for the simple living movement. … He draws on his extensive expertise as a personal coachand organization development trainer to engage the power of creative process to the work of fashioning a simple and fulfilling life.

In emphasizing creativity over critique, the book echoes Gandhi’s advice that “we become the change we wish to see in the world.”

Mark A. Burch, Simplicity, and Stepping Lightly

Simplicity and Success elaborates a useful point not found in any other titles in the “simple living” genre. I particularly liked his explanation of “the simplicity on the other side of complexity.

Resurgence Magazine, UK

A wonderful simple living book. Eye-opening! There is a brilliance in this book that impressed me.

Best Books Reviews

Simplicity and Success is a great book, not in the sense of a page turner, but rather a page-lingerer.

 Victoria Times-Colonist

This is a very informative and fun book for those looking to balance simple living with the demands of the workforce and modern family life. Elkin starts off with a personal history of his own personal odyssey from academic workaholic, to simple living eccentric living in a teepee, to a more balanced approach combining reductionism with an enriching professional life and financial security. We are also led through the lives of Elkin’s clients Celia and Al, a late 30s couple who are experiencing the same crazy bounces as Elkin had before. Elkin successfully coaches them back to a balanced life of simplicity and success and manages to save their marriage at the same time. Obviously very Zen-inspired, but fortunately not too New-Agey, Elkin makes a great contribution to the fields of Psychology and Self-Help.”

Eric Dondero, Senior Editor, Independent Publishing Reviews

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