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Personal Life Coaching Programs for Creating What Truly Matters in Life, Work, Business, Relationships … and Whatever!

“Bruce Elkin’s personal coaching approach is unique and effective. He has an exceptional ability to teach the creating process and relate it to the circumstances of peoples’ lives and work. He is a great personal life coach. And, for me, an excellent Executive Coach as well.”

Duncan Dow, Business Owner/Consultant, Vancouver, BC

Basic Personal Success Coaching: Creating What Matters Most

Packaged programs that specify completion dates generate better results than open ended or one-off approaches.

So most clients begin success coaching with my Level One 8-week Creating What Matters Mostprogram.

In this results-focused, competence- and confidence-building process, you bring the content (your dreams, desires, aspirations and your issues and challenges) and I bring the structure (skills, life design framework, feedback and support) you need to create what matters most.

The approach is designed to develop broadly applicable “generic skills” skills. It is flexible enough to accommodate and focus on your unique needs and desires. You are always working on results you choose to create.

We start small and, as you develop competence and confidence in the skills and framework – and yourself – we stretch for larger, more complex results.

Success builds upon success!

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Free Coaching Info Packages

To obtain a FREE INFO PACKAGE about my Personal Coaching programs, my fees, and my FREE 45-MINUTE SUCCESS COACHING CONSULTATION, please e-mail me with “Success Coaching 2” as the subject. 
In the email, please specify “full-featured coaching package” or my more affordable “basic coaching package.”

“Your basic personal success coaching program is the most powerful and practical self-help program I’ve ever taken part in – mostly because it showed me the importance and impact of daily practice, and made it easy for me to do that practice and learn from it.”

A. D. Fleur, Freelance Writer, Nashville , TN

What Benefits Will I Get From Success Coaching?

You will develop the skills and organizing framework to:

Clarify what matters most in your life, work and relationships,

Craft clear, compelling visions of results you truly want to create,

Ground visions in objective and accurate assessments of current reality,

Hold vision and reality in creative tension and set up a “container for creativity” that guides your decisions and actions toward results-in spite of problems, obstacles or adversity

Use the energy of creative tension to initiate and guide actions so they consistently move you toward your visions.

Learn from experience; see setbacks as feedback; build momentum, and complete desired results,

Identify habits, patterns, and structures that prevent you from successfully creating results, and replace them with functional patterns.

Shift your primary focus from solving problems to creating results that matter – regardless of problems, circumstances, or adversity.

“Other coaching programs I’d explored were more like counselling or just talking about things that upset me. We never got around to consider the future, or results I wanted. With you, we got right to that. I learned some powerful skills that I can use almost everywhere. I gained confidence. I began to stretch for more outrageous (for me) results. And, over time, I got clear about what I wanted my purpose in life to be – and how to make it happen. This coaching was worth every penny. Thank you so much!”

G.H. Saltz, Calgary, AB

CAVEAT! Personal Life Coaching & Success Coaching Are not Quick Fixes!

Your personal success coach is not a crutch. You want to use your coach to develop your own self-coaching skills.

Learning to consistently create what you most want takes about the same time as learning any complex skill (such as skiing or playing piano).

Most people get very good at life design and creating in 3 to 6 months of brief but regular practice (10-20 minutes/day). Mastery takes longer. But practice is essential and pays off when you do it.

As your personal life coach, I take your success seriously. That’s why I ask for an 8-week commitment to start our success coaching relationship.

You may however terminate the relationship at any time for any reason without penalty.

For more information about my basic personal life coaching approach, see the box below.

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