Personal Life Coaching

Personal Coaching Programs For Creating What Matters Most in Life, Work, and Business

I offer Basic, Deep, and Sustaining coaching programs that help you create real and lasting results.
I also offer Emotional Mastery Coaching when reactive emotions get in your way.

“I am so happy you are my personal life coach. Working with you is like going to the beach and breathing fresh air.”

F. Armendaris, Ph.D. Candidate, Stanton, CA

What Is Personal Life Coaching?

Personal coaching helps you clarify and create results that truly matter to you.

My gently structured approach helps you build the skills and structure to bring results into being — starting wherever you find yourself, and with whatever you have to work with.

My coaching is not counseling or therapy. It is not only about resolving issues, solving problems or fixing the past. It is not just about insight.

It is about creating what you truly want in life, work and relationships!

As well, I help you simplify life and work by integrating both within a tried-and-true organizing framework that enables and empowers you to do more with less.

Although I coach a wide range of people from many walks of life, I love to work with “creatives” – writers, artists, musicians, photographers, film-makers, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, and people wanting to create small or home-based businesses. AND anyone wanting to shift careers or take themselves to a higher level in their career.

Free Coaching Info Packages

To obtain a FREE INFO PACKAGE about my Personal Coaching programs, my fees and my FREE 45-MINUTE SUCCESS COACHING CONSULTATION, please e-mail me with “Life Coaching Package” as subject.

Basic Coaching: Creating What Matters

My 8-week personal coaching program helps you clarify what you want to create.

It also helps you set up a tried-and-true organizing framework and apply the skills and structure of that framework to results that matter to you.

I provide the structure, you provide the content.

Basic coaching gets you started, builds small successes and generates momentum toward larger successes. It also helps you set up a daily creating practice so your skills and success continue to grow as you apply them to what matters.

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Deep Change: Coaching To Build Mastery and Meaning

Studies show it takes 20 weeks to build sophisticated skills. And 6-12 months to turn them into consistent, “go to” habits.

As well as creating larger long-term results, follow-up coaching helps you master the creating skills and framework, and make them habitual.

It also helps you recognize and deal with dysfunctional patterns and structures that can prevent you from sustaining your results, or achieving mastery in this process.

Sustaining Success: Building “Technique to Burn”

Numerous clients connect with me on an on-going basis. Doing so helps them build high-level mastery so they can apply your skills and structure in an any situation and setting.

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