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“I am so happy you’re my personal coach. Working with you is like going to the beach and breathing fresh air.”


My Basic, Deep, and Sustaining coaching programs can help you stretch for your highest aspirations and deepest desires, and create what you most want in life and work.

My approach differs from counselling, therapy, or coaching light programs that just focus on resolving issues, solving problems or fixing the past.

Working in my Life Design Framework, you will be able to embrace and transcend problems —and bring into being the results you truly want in life, work and relationships.

I also offer Emotional Mastery Coachingif and when stressful, self-sabotaging emotions get in the way of creating what matters most to you.

“Your life coaching had a profound impact on my life, both personal and professional. You have a very special way of challenging clients in a firm but gentle way to look above the smog to see the top of the mountain.”

Les Brost, President, Southernstar Communications, Edmonton, AB


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My Basic, Deep, and Sustaining life/work coaching programs can help you stretch for your highest aspirations and deepest desires, and make them a reality.

BASIC COACHING: Clarifying and Creating Desired Results

In a focused 8-10 week program, you clarify the results you most want to create.

You craft clear and compelling visions of those results, as if they were fully completed.

You objectively assess the current state of each result, relative to your vision of it.

Then, you hold vision and reality in mind at the same time to set up a Life Design Framework that generates motivation, creative tension, and momentum—key sources of energy for action.

You first apply this to small and medium sized results you care about.

As you succeed, you develop the confidence and momentum you need to stretch for larger, more complex results, and bring them into being.

Stuck? Stalled? On the wrong track?

Working within the creative, results-based Life Design Framework can help you can get unstuck, on track and moving in the direction of your dreams. [See video below.]

Getting Unstuck, On Track and Creating What Matters

“Bruce Elkin has an exceptional ability to teach the creative process and relate it to the circumstances of peoples’ lives. He is a great personal and professional coach.”

Duncan Dow, Business Consultant, Vancouver, BC

Deep Change: Coaching to Strengthen and Extend Skills

Research shows it takes about 20 weeks to build solid skills. 

“Deep Change” helps you hone, extend and apply your creating skills to larger more complex results.

It also helps you recognize and deal with dysfunctional patterns and structures that can get in the way of creating real and lasting results.

Taking action in the wrong structure is like going somewhere on a rocking chair, rather than a bicycle.

Change your structure; change your results!

“Forever indebted to you for introducing me to The Creating Process 20 yrs + ago. You helped me “create a life that matters most & live it!” I continue to create success both professionally & personally that makes me feel grateful & blessed everyday! You continue to inspire, Coach!”

Linda Emblem, Burlington, ON

TECHNIQUE TO BURN: Coaching For Mastery

Many clients work with me on a long-term basis.

Doing so helps them build high-level fluency in creating, and enables them to tackle complex, long term results—with whatever they have to work with.

Musicians call this kind of fluency “technique to burn.”

It produces competence, confidence and the ability to innovate and improvise with ease.

I got a lot out of the structured programs, and used it to good advantage. But my greatest gains came from the on-going monthly check-ins. Your caring feedback and awesome support enabled me to take on projects that frightened me—and succeed in spades! I’m so happy to be working with you still.

Celia Sonnderson, NYC, NY

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