A lined, spiral-bound notebook sits open on a wooden table between a cup of black coffee and a pen. The notebook is lined and in large letters the words "What do you want from life" cover most of the page.


“Your life coaching had a profound impact on my life, both personal and professional. You have a very special way of challenging clients in a firm but gentle way to look above the smog to see the top of the mountain.”

Les Brost, President, Southernstar Communications, Edmonton, AB

My coaching approach differs from counselling, therapy, or coaching light programs that merely focus on issues, solving problems, or fixing the past.

Working in my Life Design Framework, you learn to embrace and transcend problems —and bring into being desired results—independent of what you have to start with.

“I was stuck, stalled and depressed. I’d almost given up on my dreams, when a friend suggested Bruce. Using his life design approach changed everything. Over six months, I got past my depression, recommitted to my art, and found a dream day job in a gallery. People say I’m lucky. But it wasn’t luck. It was hard work, helpful coaching, and a new way of thinking about creating.”

J.I. Oxford, Vancouver, BC


Basic Coaching

My Basic Coaching program introduces you to and helps you apply the life design framework to a series of small, medium and large results. It’s a bit like coaching for tennis, yoga, skiing, rock climbing…. First, I help you develop a set of skills and an organizing structure for action. Then I help you apply both to results you want to create.

For details about Basic Coaching, e-mail me with “Personal Life Coaching” as subject. I’ll send you my Coaching Info Package, an info about my free 45-minute coaching chat.

“I loved that first 8-week program. It generated momentum I still use.”

C.M., Human Resources Trainer, Victoria, BC

“Bruce Elkin has an exceptional ability to teach the creative process and relate it to the circumstances of peoples’ lives. He is a great personal and professional coach.”

Duncan Dow, Business Consultant, North Vancouver, BC

Follow Up and Long Term Programs

Deep Change and Technique To Burn are customized, open-ended programs that help you stretch, build momentum, and take whatever action is needed to create the major results you most want in life and work.

Both programs help you recognize dysfunctional life structures, and self-sabotaging stories, and change them to self-supporting structures and stories.

Email me with Follow Up Programs as subject, and I’ll send you details.

I worked intensely with Bruce for about 16 weeks. Then, over the next two years, he helped me transition from a government bureaucrat to an entrepreneur running my own online business. Downsizing and simplifying life and work made that easier to do. Well worth the investment.

Ray Mallory, Chicago, IL


If and when stressful, self-sabotaging emotions are the primary obstacle preventing you from creating what matters most to you, my emotional mastery approach can help identify the dysfunctional stories and structures that generate those emotions. And change them.

EM Coaching can be part of Basic and Follow Up programs, or a series of stand along coaching sessions zeroing in on the issues, obstacles and adversity that is preventing you from creating results.

Bruce’s Emotional Mastery coaching was more helpful than 8 years of therapy, trying to “heal” my “emotional scars. Bruce helps me accept this scars as part of who I am, and rise above them to create what I care about.

S. Barlow, Seattle, WA

Check out Emotional Mastery Coaching.

Or my free ebook, ABCs Of Emotional Mastery .

Getting Unstuck, On Track and Creating Results

Getting Unstuck, On Track and Creating What Matters

E-mail me with “Personal Life Coaching” as subject.


Books by Bruce Elkin

Thrive! Creating what matters most, by Bruce Elkin.
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Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.
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The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, by Bruce Elkin.