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“I always get Bruce to proofread my work before I submit it. He has great eyes for detail and improves my text without being a “grammar Nazi.”

Denita Hacklerr, Vancouver, BC

Making Your Writing Look And Read Professional

Even the best manuscripts can be rejected if they’re full of typos and grammatical glitches.

I can help you make your manuscript clean, tight and professional looking.

How about I let my clients tell you about my work.

“Bruce is a great support for me, and my organization, Friends Uniting for Nature (FUN) Society. He has provided suggestions that enhanced the quality of a number of written pieces. I received feedback from others about the work and was told it was beautifully written – succinct, concise and told the story well. 

“Bruce is amazing at helping fit thoughts into fewer words, and helping sift through everything to find what truly matters – key attributes of a great editor. Bruce was pivotal in helping me move forward on both personal and professional projects. Without his help, I would still be moving words around the page, wondering how I could possibly say it any other way!”

Maia Green, Founder/Board Chair, FUN Society, Victoria, BC

Copy editing and structural editing often overlap and in those cases I do both to the best of my ability.

“No matter how many times you attempt to proofread your writing you will not find all the grammar, context and punctuation errors. It has been documented that due to the process of being within the writing, you are unable to stand back and catch all the errors. Your read with context in mind and your eyes skip helplessly over glaring and distracting mistakes. 

“When I wrote nine drafts of my 120-page screenplay I edited each one and I edited the last one at least twice each for context, grammar and punctuation. I had others read it for the same and each person noted at least a few errors. Lastly, I sent it to Bruce Elkin. Unfamiliar with screenplay format he none-the-less asked the appropriate questions then dove in with gusto. 

“Surprised is much too weak a word to describe how I felt when I recognized that the three pages of noted errors were indeed embedded in my ‘edited’ screenplay. Embarrassed is a better word, knowing that I’d sent it out to script readers riddled with these obvious errors. 

“Bruce cares. He devotes full effort to understanding the format. He made valuable and appropriate suggestions regarding the context and perhaps most importantly he grasped the story beneath the story and his suggestions lent greater clarity and drama to my screenplay. 

“I know that there is a demand for good editors: someone willing to read with a teacher’s trained eye, a writer’s aptitude for the right word and a friend’s care to be objective. I knew by his enthusiasm towards the project that he was cheering for my success. 

“Bruce, your editing has always been thoughtful and careful, provoking clarity and context. Your help on Will Is To Grace was greatly appreciated.” Carla Smith, Screenwriter “

Carla Smith, Screenwriter, Calgary, AB

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