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Change Your Structure—Change Your Life!

“When Bruce first talked about “structure,” I cringed. I didn’t want to force myself into a mold. But, no! He meant a framework to help me persist toward results. I became a better photographer and am creating a rewarding life that supports my art. And getting paid!”

S.D. Jones, Photographer, Victoria, BC

As I described on the Home page, most people don’t fail because they lack talent, time, or resources.

They fail because they lack a Life/Work Design structurean organizing framework—in which to integrate their time, talent and resources in support of action focused on their most important goals.

In life and work, we sometimes take action in structures that that lead to real results. At other times we take action in a structure that fails to generate the results we want.

But, we are rarely aware of those structures that give rise to our behaviour and results. Many of us blame setbacks and failure on ourselves. Or on other people, and systems.

“With Bruce’s excellent personal coaching approach, I was able to identify dysfunctional structures that sabotaged my success. I replaced them with supportive structures that led to results. I created a job I like and pays well. I started to write short stories. And I finally got in shape and ran a 10k race.

S. Sarah Santiago, Vancouver, Canada
Rough graphic with the words "creativity" and "structure" connected by circular arrows. Creativity leads to structure, which leads to creativity.
Structure gives rise to results

Life Design Coaching Helps You Shift To Productive Structures

Life Design Coaching can help you shift your primary focus from problem-driven structures, and actions, to resultscreating structures that lead to real and lasting success.

In this approach, you still acknowledge problems and issues, and fix the ones that are fixable, i.e. technical and mechanical. Then you rise above the “unfixables” by taking action in the Life Design Framework that guides, energizes, and supports your key goals/results.

Using this simple but powerful organizing framework can greatly increases your chances of creating what matters—independent of problems and circumstances.

Why Is Structure Key To Success?

“Shifting from problem-solving to creating was key to me getting my life organized and finding better paid work. Bruce’s “life design framework” and caring personal coaching made it all much easier.”

E.H. Smythe—Single Mom, Calgary, AB

A rocking chair is fine for relaxing. But not for going where you want to go.

The way its pieces and parts are put together—structured—limits it to rocking back and forth. Whereas bikes and boats are structured to move where you want to go.

You can hire coaches, read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos, attend workshops, and “solve problems” until the cows come home, BUT…

…if the structure underlying your action does not guide you toward real and lasting results, your efforts will likely be in vain.

My Life Design Coaching Programs can help you create a structure—an organizing framework—that will help you turn you dreams into reality.

Ed’s success story, “Creating Lasting Success,” illustrates how one client did just that.

As an artist, I knew structure was important, but had not applied that insight to my life and work. Bruce’s framework made creating films and running my business much easier—and more effective.

Rod Sturgeon, Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA

• For A Deep Dive Into How Structure Influences Success, see ” Structure Rules!

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