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Generic Skills For Creating the Life And Work Of Your Dreams

“Those who do not create the future they want, must endure the future they get. “

Draper L. Kaufman Jr

Career Coaching to Create Clarity, Focus, and Results

I help people clarify and envision the job, career or business they truly want.And show them how to create it.I help them organize their life – and day-to-day actions – so they support them in bringing their vision into reality.Creating careers and businesses requires more than specific skills that only apply to specific fields. It requires high-level, widely applicable generic skills (skills for creating skills)and a structure in which to organize and apply those skills most effectively.Most people don’t fail because they don’t try hard enough.They fail because their efforts are not supported by a tried and true structure – an organizing framework – that energizes and guides actions and consistently moves you toward desired results! My Generic Mastery coaching approach helps you develop and apply such a framework. Using this structure and the skills of creating makes finding a job, creating a career or setting up a business easier, more effective and fun.For more on my Generic Mastery coaching approach, see The Key To My Work.

Free Info Packages

To obtain a FREE INFO PACKAGE about my Career Coaching programs, my fees and my FREE 45-minute coaching consultation, please e-mail me with “Career Coaching” as subject.In the email, please specify “full-featured coaching package” or my more affordable “basic coaching package.” Also specify career or self-employment coaching. Thanks!

Resume Preparation, Cover Letters, and Editing

A clear and powerful resume and an impactful cover letter helps you get interviews – and jobs. If your resume is out-dated, I can help you tune it up so it virtually sings your praises and highlights what you can do for an employer you want to impress. If you don’t have a resume, I can help you create a strong one.As well, I can help you craft winning cover letters that ensure your resume will be read and appreciated.

“I was lost, overconfident and seeking direction. As my coach, Bruce helped me develop a framework for self-employment that I still use today. “

Kevin “Doc” Klein, Organizational Consultant, Asheville, NC

Interview Preparation and Coaching

There’s no point in paying for professional resumes and cover letters, only to blow it in the interview.These days, employers and hiring managers are skilled in asking “behavioural questions.” Being able to answer those nasty open-ended questions that ask you to “tell us about a time when . . .” can make the difference between a successful job-getting interview and an embarrassing failure.If you are not prepared to answer behavioural questions with confidence and well told, to-the-point stories, you likely won’t get the job, or be asked to come back for the next round of interviews.Using simulated interviews, I can help you feel confident that you can answer behavioural questions with clear, concise and strong answers.I can even video your simulated interview and and provide it to you so you can see both your strengths and the areas that need work.

“I was pretty shaky when I first started thinking about changing careers. My resume was old. I didn’t have a cover letter. And I’d never heard about behavioural interview questions. But after working with Bruce, I felt clear, capable and confident about applying for the kind of jobs that I truly wanted. I also develped the emotional resilience to learn from rejection and to keep on keeping on until I got the job I wanted.”

Cindra Csaz, Human Resources Consultant, Vancouver, BC

Bruce Elkin Personal Life Coach, Career Coach, Self-Employment Coach

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