A person in black hoodie and blue jeans squats in from of a grey shaded all, holding a hand-drawn sad face in front of their own. Depressed.

The Black Dog of Depression

Seven Ways To Prevent Or Deal With Depression This is the time of year in the northern hemisphere when depression is on the rise. For two reasons: The diminishing light brings on the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and Holiday times are coming and many people find themselves sad, down, lonely and hurting at …

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A path cuts through a field toward rounded hills. One has a spreading tree on with a flock of birds. In the background, a spectacular , mulit-cloured sunset beckons

The Best Path To Success?

What’s the difference between “stretch” and “fit” goals? To succeed, you first need to set big, stretch goals, and then set realistic goals that support them.

Woman standing by rippled, blue water, musing about what she really wants to create

What Do You Really Want To Create?

Do You Struggle With A Jumble Of Needs, Desires, and Goals? Most of my clients do. I help them apply an organizing framework to prioritize and act on key goals.

A pool in a Zen garden surrounded by rocks and shrubbery. A stone lantern sits on a square, flat rock in the middle of the pool. The whole peaceful scene is an example of the simplicity on the other side of complexity

Simplicity? Success? Or Both?

My personal coaching clients seek to 1) create great results, and 2) do so simply, effectively, with little stress. My Life Design framework makes it so.

A sailboat is highlighted in a reflected path of golden light, as the sun drops below a layer of dark clouds. A visual metaphor for the path of least resistance

The Structure of Success

People don’t fail because they lack talent or motivation. They fail because they lack a framework in which to integrate skill, will and resources.

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