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The first person to call me “Coach” was Sharon Wood, 1st woman in the Western Hemisphere to summit Mount Everest, and, now, author of “Rising.” 

“Bruce’s friendship and personal coaching have supported me in navigating 25 years of the life I dared to long for. His voice, insight and wisdom are a part of the inner everyday language I used to climb Mount Everest, raise kids, pioneer a school, take dance lessons, deliver over a thousand presentations, and take on many more courageous adventures.”

Sharon Wood, Climber, Guide, Mother, Author of Rising
Sharon Wood On Top Of The World!

When Sharon returned from her triumph, I helped her reinvent herself as a motivational speaker, and supported her in that transition.

Life Design Coaching

Since then, I’ve coached, give speeches and talks to, or done Life Design and Leadership workshops for 1000s of clients on six continents.

They range from single moms to CE0s, doctors to deputy ministers, actors to activists, entrepreneurs to environmentalists, homemakers to home business wannabes—and a host of writers, painters, photographers, filmmakers and creatives.

My Life Design Coaching is based on an organizing framework that integrates vision, reality, action, and learning in support of highly-desired results. The framework is useful for individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses.

“Bruce knows what it takes to rise above dysfunctional patterns and organize your life to support what you most want. His coaching helped me create a simple, rich and successful life by uncovering and focusing on my passion.

Sonna Atawell, Coach/Counsellor, Victoria, BC


Professional Educator and Coach

I began my career as a High School teacher, but soon found “the system” restrictive. I moved on to teaching teachers at the university. But, again, I struggled with “the system” and the commodification of learning.

Trainer Bruce

At the Action Studies Institute in Calgary, AB, I designed programs for developing Life Design skills for kids and adults, and teams.

Later, I was an Advanced Instructor for Robert Fritz’s  Boston-basedTechnologies for Creating (TFC) program, and facilitated TFC and Organizational TFC workshops in Canada and the US.

“The best two days of training I have ever attended.”

— Glen Farrell, President, Open Learning Agency of BC

Personal And Professional Challenge Programs

A Younger Bruce

I created Earthways: Experiences In Personal and Environmental Exploration: a wilderness camp for teens focused on developing life design skills .

I helped start the Banff School of Environment. I taught in the Environmental Decision-Making for Managers program.

I was the founding Director of Yamnuska Mountain School, in Canmore, AB, transforming it from a defunct, money-losing, YMCA program into a reputable Mountain Leadership school.

I developed and ran leadership, and team-building retreats for professionals, managers, and executives, with One Step Beyond, an international adventure organization.

“Unbelievable effect and impact. We’ve never come together like this. A fantastic job. You have a skill industry can use.”

Al Redmond, Senior VP, Ciba-Geigy Canada

Personal Life Design Coach

Using the education, training and experience I’d gained , I narrowed my approach to Personal Life Coaching. Using the Life Design Framework, I’ve helped enable and empower individuals on six continents.

Writer and Writer’s Coach

Writing Simplicity and Success

I’ve written five books, published a bi-weekly newsletter and blog for 20 years, and placed articles in print and on-line magazines and blogs.

I’m currently working on a memoir describing how I worked my way from a depressed high school teacher, through a myriad of institutional and personal barriers, to a simple yet rich and rewarding day job, with plenty of time for writing.

Check out my Professional Profile here.

“Bruce is an accomplished personal coach and this comes across in his writing. His ebook Thrive! is enabling others to bloom. Best of all, the book is free — available now for download. Read “Thrive!” and enjoy!”

Patricia Lustig, Consultant, LASA Development UK Ltd

For a deeper dive into my story of exploration, struggle, and ultimate success—

Books by Bruce Elkin

Five books istting on a reflective surface, by author Bruce Elkin.
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