Create What Matters Most — In Challenging Times and Beyond

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What Is Life Design Coaching?

From Goals And Dreams To Real, Lasting Results That Matter

Mastering my Life/Work Organizing Framework helps you envision, plan, act, and consistently bring into being your most desired results.

Because the framework is driven by vision, grounded in reality, and focused on action learning, you can start creating those results with whatever you currently have to work with.

Bruce is an excellent personal life coach. Using his framework helped me stop procrastinating, ditch my day job, and start a home-based consulting firm.

Lachlan Watson, Sidney, Australia

How Can It Help Me?

The Life Design Framework Empowers You To

  • Clarify and envision what really matters to you—in life, work, relationships…whatever
  • Make successful transitions
  • Start a small or home-based business
  • Organize your life to support a creative passion like art, writing, photography
  • Downsize to a simpler, yet richer, more meaningful and flourishing life
  • Finally write that book, get fit and healthy, build that cabin, upload those songs you wrote, turn the guest room in a yoga/workout room …

Bruce’s approach is like yoga. First you learn the basic moves (skills and structure). Then, with practice and coaching, you get better and better. The mental/creative strength and flexibly you develop can be applied to all aspects of your life, work, career.

N.D. Smith, Trail Runner, Fitness Trainer, Victoria, BC

The capacity to create the results you truly want can make you feel free, focused, alive—proud of and happy with yourself

I have worked with other coaches. All helped sort of, for a while. But working with Bruce, I gained clarity about what I truly wanted in my life. And the skills and structure to support my goals and dreams.

Anita Tregalle, Retiree, Toronto, ON

Life Design Coaching
Helps You Stay The Course

Developing the capacity to persist, to stay the course—independent of problems, obstacles, and setbacks—is key to creating successful results

“It [100-mile ultra-marathon] went extremely well. A peak experience! The Life Design techniques worked so well, I’m now using them in work and the rest of my life.”

Jim Fellows, Ultra Marathoner, College Counsellor, Pennsylvania

Motivation is important, but so is an organizing framework that energizes and guides your actions—especially when motivation fades or fails

I was skeptical. But the life-creating framework helped me buckle down, redesign my life, and follow through to results I love. I’m fit again. My biz is booming. I feel free and focused—happy about where I am, where I most want to go, and how to get there.

Astra D., Victoria, BC, Craftsperson

Facing today’s complex, ever-changing world, many stall, or get stuck, and settle for less than they truly want

Bruce is one of the most effective coaches I’ve worked with. He gets you excited about pursuing things that truly matter, even under adverse conditions—and shows you how to stay the course until you get there.

Josh Dorfman, Entrepreneur, Author, TV Host

My Life Design Coaching approach is built around a solid, easy-to-use framework for creating the results you most deeply desire

The framework allows you to start with whatever you have to work with, and take effective action—independent of current problems, issues and circumstances.

It helps you accept reality, focus on a clear vision of desired result, follow through to completion of the results you most deeply long for.

Most important working within the Life Design Framework allows you to embrace and transcend complexity, and navigate through ups and downs to the elegant simplicity on the other side of complexity.

Bruce Elkin

Life Design Coach. Personal Life Coach. 25 years experience. Clients on 6 continents. Author of 5 books and ebooks. Cares about the Earth and living in harmony with its natural systems.