Top 5 Life Design Posts of 2019

white flowers with yellow centres symbolize simplicity and success

I often get asked what blog posts get the most reads, and feedback from readers. 

Checking my summaries for last year, I found a nice blend of Life Design posts about simplicity, success and emotional mastery. 

So, here’s the short list of the top 5 for 2019. Enjoy! 

Top 5 Posts of 2019

1. Positive Emotions: Keys To A Flourishing Life

We all want flourishing lives. We all want to thrive in the face of problems and adversity. We all want to create what truly matters to us in our lives, work and relationships.

“Flourishing encompasses both feeling satisfied with your life and also functioning well in it. The way psychologists assess the second part is whether people feel as if they are learning,  growing, and making contributions to society.”

—Barbara Frederickson, 
Positivity: Discover the Upward Spiral That Will Change Your Life

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2. Six Powerful Skills For Crafting Resolutions That Work—And Keep Working!

Most people abandon or give up on their New Year’s resolutions sometime between February first and the start of summer.

These 6 skills and the organizing framework they comprise can help you clarify and articulate clear, compelling visions what you most want to create, take clear and consistent action — and turn your visions into reality.

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3. The Structure Of Success

Perhaps the least understood idea about how we create—and sustain—success is that structure gives rise to action, and results

You are like a river. You go through life taking the path of least resistance. 
The underlying structure of your life determines the path of least resistance. You can change the fundamental underlying structures of your life.”

— Robert Fritz, The Path of Least Resistance 

Change your structure; change your results!

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The simple yet complex structure of paraglider on a ridge above a mountain valley
Simple yet elegant structure

4. The Top 7 Reasons Why Goal Setting Can Fail

You may have noted that sometimes you set a goal and achieve it. Other times, you set a goal and, in spite of your best thinking and effort, you fail to achieve it.

When we fail, there is a tendency to blame ourselves, others and/or circumstances.

But few people recognize that seven flaws in conventional goal setting can prevent you from creating the results you crave.

Understanding these flaws, and knowing how to get around them, can turbo-charge your goal setting process, and lead to the success you long for.

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5. The Simplicity On The Other Side Of Complexity

Don’t confuse “simplicity” with “simplistic.” Or you won’t likely achieve your goals. 

Many simple looking creations result from working through difficult and complex circumstances, overcoming adversity, and untangling the web of connections between the pieces and parts of what you create.

A simplistic approach will usually result in a simplistic and unsatisfying result.

A big part of the Life Design creating process is making the complex and complicated simple, elegant and successful.

“I would not give a fig for the simplicity on this side of complexity, but I’d give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.

— Oliver Wendell Holmes

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That’s it for this week. Thanks for checking in! 

I hope you’re progressing well and consistently on the most important goals/results you want to achieve and bring into being during 2020. 

If not, or if you have questions about my Life Design work, and how it might help you succeed, please email me a request for my Coaching Info Package.  It answers the basic questions, and we can go from there.  

Finally, remember Kate Wolf’s wise advice:

“Find something you really care about / and live a life that shows it.”  

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