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"Bruce has a gift when it comes to coaching, but as a writing coach he is inspired."

— Ken Wylie, Canmore, AB, Author of BURIED

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• Have a vision of a writing career but don’t know how to realize it, yet?

• Can't put writing first? Can't organize your life to support your dreams?

• Day job pays bills but leaves little energy for writing?

• Suffer from procrastination, writer's block or lack of confidence?

• Need a beta-reader and/or editor to help get a project ready to submit or self-publish?

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"Good news. I reworked my book idea using your approach. I not only sold that book to a publisher, but another, as well! Bruce, without my work with you, learning to break down goals by vision, current reality and action steps, I don't think I could have done it. This is a big boost for me, one that opens up my career in an exciting new direction. Thank you for that."

— Ian Coutts, Author: Titanic, Backyard Birds, Brew North


create writing life

I can help you create a writing life — and successful, publication-ready projects.

I can help you manage your moods and rise above bad habits such as procrastination.

I can show you how to increase both your competence (writing chops) and confidence (belief in those chops).

I can help you make your writing life a lived reality.

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"Working with you is like going to the beach and breathing fresh air. The skills, structure and support I got from you helped me get back to my dissertation and complete it. It also helped me organize my life so I had more time and energy for writing."

— Francesca Armanderis, PhD Candidate, Los Angeles, CA


Skills, Structure and Support For Creating A Writing Life

Most people don’t fail because they lack talent or ideas. They fail because they lack an organizing framework in which to consistently apply their talent in support of their ideas. ... [ Read More.]

Structural Help With Specific Projects — Substantive Editing

Whether it’s a novel, memoir, screenplay, dissertation, or other written communication, I can help you generate impact and results. ... [ Read More.]

editing help

Copy Editing, Line Editing And Proofreading

Even the best manuscripts are rejected if full of typos and grammatical glitches. I can help you make yours clean, tight, and professional looking ... [ Read More.]

Business Writing: Copy and Web Page Writing

Clear, concise writing can help you sell any product, business, opinion or idea. ... [ Read More.]

Free Info Package and Coaching Chat: E-mail me with "Writer's Coach" as subject.

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