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Valuable, Transferable Skills for Creating What Truly Matters

Imagine waking up each day feeling free, focused, energized and excited about creating what matters to you.

Imagine the confidence that comes basing those feelings on powerful, generic skills and the ability to create almost anything you deeply desire. (Generic = high-level, widely applicable.)

Imagine having the ability to embrace life, work, relationships … and create results easily, effectively, enjoyably.

Imagine stretching for your next level, or project — and making it.

This is how my ex-clients wake up — excited, confident and competent to create what matters. And love doing it!

You Don't Have To Do This By Yourself!


A sympathetic coach can make it easier, more effective and fun!

Together, we can make your dreams a reality!

To see how I can help you make the complex simple, check out the video at the bottom of this page.

"Coaching was great. Using creating skills makes things easier. I feel freer, more confident now. And I am creating results such as a new business, a redecorated apartment and a fit, healthy body."

– Cissy Sanderson, Home-Business Owner, Victoria, BC


For info about programs, fees and FREE CONSULTATION, e-mail me with "Personal Coaching" as subject.

Do Any Of These Reasons For Coaching Apply To You?

Stuck? Stalled? Drifting?

Feel uptight, stressed, anxious, depressed?

In a job, career, biz that sucks energy but lacks meaning?

In transition? Uncertain about purpose, goals and/or direction?

Doing okay, but not at what you would love to do?

Want to up your game or start something new?

[NOTE: If you feel too stuck, anxious or depressed to act, go to my Emotional Mastery page.]

If "Yes," I Might Be The Personal Life Coach Or Success Coach For You!

life coach in Victoria, BC

Hi! I'm Bruce Elkin, a coach for over 20 years.

Although I live in Victoria, BC, Canada, I work with people on 6 continents.

I've started 3 successful companies, written 5 books and have a keen interest in helping others develop generic competence and the skills to create what truly matters.

I can help you clarify and focus goals, make decisions and take action in support of the rich, simple and flourishing life/work you truly want.

If you'd like more of background, go to my About Me page.

Check out my blog Create What Matters Most to get a sense of the range and depth of topics I deal with.


Personal coaching, career coaching, self-employment coaching, coaching for professionals and executives.

I love working with "creatives" such as writers, artists, photographers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs and folks who want to set up a small or home-based business. Check out my Programs Page.

If you're a writer or want to be a writer, I offer coaching programs and services that can increase your chances of succeeding.

Check out my Writer-Editor-Writing Coach Pages.

"The best success coach I've ever worked with. Helped me focus, follow through and finish. "

– Dale Jones, Consultant/Trainer/Entrepreneur, Calgary, AB

What Benefits Can I Get From Your Coaching?

Do more with less. Create better results without stress, or strain. Feel up, vital and free and energized!

Move smoothly through transitions - in spite of problems, circumstances and adversity.

Create work you love and gives you meaning, flourish in relationships, and commit to a purpose bigger than yourself.

Build the transferable skills and structure to create almost anything.

Enjoy the confidence that comes from generic competence.

Build emotional mastery, manage your moods and feel relaxed, focused and in charge of your life and work.

Check Out These Coaching Success Stories.

How Can Your Coaching Help Me Make The Complex Simple?

"Bruce has an exceptional ability to teach the creating process and relate it to the circumstances of peoples' lives and work. He is an excellent personal coach and a powerful executive coach."

— Duncan Dow, Business Consultant, Vancouver, BC

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