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"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

- Alan Kay, Apple Fellow

If You Are:

Stuck? Stalled? Drifting?

Uptight, stressed, anxious, depressed?

Uncertain about purpose, goals, direction?

In a job that sucks energy but lacks meaning?

Doing okay, but not at what you would love to do?

Struggling with a life or job that is cluttered, unfocused and too complex?

I Might Be The Coach For You

life coach in Victoria, BC

Hi! I'm Bruce Elkin, a success-focused personal life coach for over 20 years.

Although I live in Victoria, BC, Canada, I work with people on 6 continents.

I've started 2 successful companies, written 3 books, a blog and a newsletter.

I enjoy helping others develop the skills and structure to simplify life and work — and create what truly matters.

I work a lot with "creatives" such as writers, artists, photographers, filmmakers, solopreneurs and folks who want to set up a small or home-based business.

Check out my Writer-Editor-Writing Coach Pages.

Check Out These Testimonials and Success Stories.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

— Leonardo da Vinci

You Don't Have To Do This By Yourself!


Working with a success coach can make creating results simple, easy and effective.

A coach can help you clarify your goals, organize your actions and hold you accountable for your dreams.

Together, we can make your dreams a reality.


For info about programs, fees and FREE CONSULTATION, e-mail me with "Personal Coaching" as subject.

Making The Complex Simple

"I wanted to simplify my life but didn't want to be poor or unsucessful. With Bruce's help I learned to focus on what matters and create a life and work that are simple and successful."

— S. Ciscenos, Victoria, BC

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